Audrey Melei

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Audrey Melei
ambassador to Errinundera

Her Excellency Comrade Audrey Melei is the ambassador of the People's Democratic Social Republic of Ariddia to the Cool Temperate Rainforest of Errinundera.

Born in the smallish town of Valeton, Ariddia, Melei studied ecology and sustainable development at the University of Rêvane, then taught environmental studies to undergraduates for a while at the Ariddian campus of the Third World Open University in Cité-Belle. She then became employed at the Secretariat (ministry) for Housing and the Environment.

Chosen to represent her country at various international environmental summits, she was eventually promoted to the position of Ambassador to Errinundera, a country Ariddia wished to maintain friendly relations with. Like Ariddia, Errinundera is covered with pristine, unspoilt forests, and is deeply committed to the protection of the environment. And, like Ariddians, Errinunderans are vegetarian. The main difference of note comes from Errinunderans' spiritual connection to the forest, whereas Ariddian respect for the forest (and the environment in general) is in most cases devoid of spirituality.

It is also noteworthy that Secretary Nuriyah Khadhim, currently Ariddia's acting Head of State, served for two years as a junior diplomat at Ariddia's embassy in Errinundera, before moving to the Ariddian embassy in Knootoss and later joining the Council of Secretaries.

The links between Ariddia and Errinundera were reaffirmed after a tragic accident in Frosty Hollow. Ariddia expressed its deep-felt sympathy, and Errinundera replied by strengthening diplomatic and cultural relations.

Ambassador Melei is married, and has one son. The Ariddian embassy is located in the Errinunderan capital, First Creek Falls, but Melei and her family have an ambassadorial housetree residence. The embassy's function is not only to maintain good relations with the government and people of Errinundera, but also to give any assistance to the small Ariddian expatriate community living in the country.

Errinundera's current ambassador to Ariddia is snapisnapiestu. Previous ambassadors were Magistrate sandribl and former footballer keok.