Aurora von Sachshausen

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Aurora von Sachshausen

Empress Aurora von Sachshausen was acclaimed as Empress of Lavenrunz following the death of her mother, Joanna, and the abdication of her sister Magda.

A very intelligent young woman, she was fourteen at the time of her acclamation and is sixteen now. Her interests include science--particularly biology and the aspects of physics related to flight--and riding, at which she is an expert.

While her mother was alive she and Aurora were very close, and thus she had glimpsed many of the aspects of statecraft from a young age.

During the first year of her reign, the annual Winter Ball was attacked by terrorists, later found to be working for Count Mirbach who became Chancellor during an emergency caused by Keserian, an interim leader while Theallas Dangiross was on vacation, threatening to invade the Empire. Aurora has since the start of her reign entered Lavenrunz into the NDA and VERITAS treaties, supported keeping nonhumans as subjects with full rights, and supervised the election of a new government.

Two months after her sixteenth birthday she married Prince Andreus of Pantocratoria.