Austar Union

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Unione of Capitalizt States of Austar Union
austar_union.jpg 210px-Coat_of_Arms_of_Armenia.svg.png
National flag Coat of Arms
Motto Strength in Patriotism, Every Citizen's Responsibility
Anthem This Glorious Union

Largest city
Anatoba City
52°31'N 13°24'W
Anatoba City
Official languages English
- Secretary-General
Compulsory Consumerist State
Carmine Goodchild
- Four Provinces
- First Austarian Republic
- Dissolution
- Reformation of Union

February 13, 1565
May 16, 1619
October 11, 1683
- Total

- Water (%)

321,414 sq mi
- Jan 2007 estimate

-Per capita
2007 estimate
$256.1 trillion
GDP (nominal)
-Per capita
2006 estimate
$232.1 trillion
HDI (2001) 8px-Green_Arrow_Up.svg.png 0.987 (high)
Currency Austarian Dollar ($)
Time zone
- Summer
AST (UTC +1)
AST (UTC +2)
Internet TLD
Calling code
[NS] [NSEconomy]] [Sunset] [XML]

The Unione of Capitalizt States of Austar Union, also referred to in short form as the Unione, Unione of Capitalizt States, the Union, or even Austar Union, is a country mostly located on a continent which resembles very closely, Europe, except for its external territories of D'na Apollo on Mercury, and Austarian Mars on The Planet Mars. It encompasses states which geographically emulate the states of Germany, Austria, Poland, and the Czech Republic, and is also geographically 'close' to Knootoss. The Austar Union is a Corporate Police State, with its capital in Anatoba City. It consists of four states, and two external territories also known as 'Unione Administrative Regions'.

Having been formed initially as a democracy and then forming into what it is today through a series of coups, citizens of the Austar Union live mostly in a security-conscious environment, with Defense and Law & Order being the government's two main priorities. Commerce follows closely in third place, which represents the government's encouragement of free enterprise. Austarians by nature are very entrepreneurial. As a result, its citizens enjoy a robust and powerful economy.


To put it simply, the Unione of Capitalizt States of Austar Union can be likened to an enlightened dictatorship. All government offices branch off from that of the Secretary-General, and his Ministers behave more like Advisors with a slight degree of autonomy. The seat of government within the Austar Union is located at the National Statehouse, Anatoba City.

Office of the Secretary-General

Generally, the Secretary-General will not concern himself with minor issues of the state, rather saving his time for more pressing matters such as working closely with the Department of Foriegn Affairs and Trade, and the Department of Justice which includes aspects from the Unione's court system to its Federal Police.

He is also involved with such affairs pertaining to Defense and the Economy, and is in close liazon with the various Administrators who manage the Austar Union's external territories. Also as the nation's head, the Secretary-General is also the Commander-in-Chief to the Austarian Defense Force, which includes (but is not exclusive to) the Austarian Navy, Army, Aerospace Force, Austarian Special Forces, and Austarian Coast Guard respectively.

The Secretary-General and his most senior staff are officially protected by the Austarian Secret Service.

External Territories

The Unione of Capitalizt States is made up of four states, and currently two external territories. The head of each state is appropriately named 'Governor', whilst the head of each territory is titled 'Administrator'. The following is a list of external territories owned by the Austar Union, along with their relevant Administrator. Each of the Austar Union's territories are officially known as a Unione Administrative Region, or U.A.R. for short.

Each Governor or Administrator is directly answerable to the Secretary-General himself, but otherwise enjoys some autonomy in making some of the more non-vital domestic decisions, like his Ministers.

  • D'na Apollo [Mercury] - ELEKTRA v2.0
  • Austarian Mars - Harek Trujillio