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Australia is a fully democratic region. Presidential elections are currently being held.

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Population: 167 nations (8 July 2005)
Delegate: Retirement Villas
Founder: Cremorne
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Current Government

With the recent presidential election having just taken place, Australia's new system of government is beginning to take shape.

  • President - Didjawannanotherbeer
  • Vice-President - Bogans and Boozers
  • Minister of Justice - Bogans and Boozers
  • Minister of Regional Affairs - Bogans and Boozers
  • Minister of Defence - Bogans and Boozers
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs - Sypons
  • Minister of Sports, Alcohol, and Gaming - Bogans and Boozers
  • Minister of Propaganda - Bogans and Boozers


The planned system of government will involve a Parliament consisting of 10 members elected by all residents of the region and with executive and legislative control of Australia; a largely ceremonial head-of-state- the President- elected directly by the residents of the region; the UN delegate elected by the UN Nations in the region and follows the directions of parliament; a founder follows the directions of parliament.

The leader of the party in the parliament will become the Prime Minister. The party will elect the posistions in government for their members. The positions include:

  • Prime Minister: Leader of government
  • Deputy PM: Deputy leader
  • Arts Minister
  • Sports Minister
  • Entertainment Minister
  • Defence Minister: Head of ASIO and Australian Defence Force
  • Foreign Affairs Minister
  • Immigration/Propaganda Minister


As of the 29th of November there are 4 parties planning to contest the Presidential and Legislative elections:

Federalist Party of Australia

  • Melumania(founder and leader of FPA)- Proposed canditate for Minister of Justice
  • Naidgnaf- Proposed canditate for Minister of Sport
  • Didjawannanotherbeer- Presidential Canditate
  • Paul Keating- Proposed canditate for Minister of Immigration and Propaganda
  • Procrastination- Proposed canditate for Minister of Defence
  • Sypons- Proposed canditate for Minister of Foreign Affairs

Perpetual 21st Party

  • Reublenucy- Presidential Canditate
  • Westaway
  • Cremorne

Wattle Party

  • Mid-gippsland
  • Ninjapenguin
  • Bogans and Boozers- Presidential Canditate

Punks and Pirates

  • Anarchuslavia
  • Retirement Villas

Diplomatic Ties

Economic Data

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