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This article deals with Authoritarianism as it relates to NationStates. For more general information, see the Wikipedia article on this subject.

General Description

Authoritarianism is, in general, characterized by complete obedience to a given authority, typically as resulting from the lack of rights or freedoms.

Authoritarianism in NationStates

Within the context of NationStates, freedoms are presented along three axes: personal rights, economic rights, and political rights (see also: UN Categories). The level of freedoms presented along each axis can be "authoritarian," "centrist," or "libertarian" in nature. Allowing only the very minimum level of freedom, if any, along an axis is characterized as being "authoritarian."

NationStates UN Category Classifications

The following UN Category classifications present authoritarian levels of freedoms along at least one of the personal, economic, or political rights axes (Entries listed from most to least authoritarian, according to the methodology described in Analysis):

UN Category: Personal Freedom: Economic Freedom: Political Freedom:
Psychotic Dictatorship Authoritarian Authoritarian Authoritarian
Authoritarian Democracy Authoritarian Authoritarian Centrist
Corrupt Dictatorship Centrist Authoritarian Authoritarian
Iron Fist Consumerists Authoritarian Centrist Authoritarian
Corporate Police State Authoritarian Libertarian Authoritarian
Democratic Socialists Centrist Authoritarian Centrist
Father Knows Best State Centrist Centrist Authoritarian
Iron Fist Socialists Libertarian Authoritarian Authoritarian
Moralistic Democracy Authoritarian Centrist Centrist
Tyranny By Majority Authoritarian Authoritarian Libertarian
Compulsory Consumerist State Centrist Libertarian Authoritarian
Conservative Democracy Authoritarian Centrist Libertarian
Liberal Democratic Socialists Centrist Authoritarian Libertarian
Libertarian Police State Libertarian Centrist Authoritarian
Right-Wing Utopia Authoritarian Libertarian Centrist
Scandinavian Liberal Paradise Libertarian Authoritarian Centrist
Benevolent Dictatorship Libertarian Libertarian Authoritarian
Free Market Paradise Authoritarian Libertarian Libertarian
Left-Wing Utopia Libertarian Authoritarian Libertarian

See also the article on UN Categories for an image of each category placed within a 3D map.


UN Category classifications can be quantified by assigning numeric values to represent the three levels of freedoms described above, where the highest level of freedoms is represented by the highest value:

Libertarian: 2 Centrist: 1 Authoritarian: 0

Thus, by adding together the appropriate numeric values characterized by each UN Category classification, a Freedoms Index is derived (note that order is alphabetical where freedoms indices are similar):

UN Category: Freedoms Index: UN Category: Freedoms Index:
Psychotic Dictatorship 0 Compulsory Consumerist State 3
Authoritarian Democracy 1 Conservative Democracy 3
Corrupt Dictatorship 1 Liberal Democratic Socialists 3
Iron Fist Consumerists 1 Libertarian Police State 3
Corporate Police State 2 Right-Wing Utopia 3
Democratic Socialists 2 Scandinavian Liberal Paradise 3
Father Knows Best State 2 Benevolent Dictatorship 4
Iron Fist Socialists 2 Free Market Paradise 4
Moralistic Democracy 2 Left-Wing Utopia 4
Tyranny By Majority 2 Average Freedoms Index: 2.37

The Average Freedoms Index derived in the table above indicates a level of moderate authoritarianism among the overall group of authoritarian UN Category classifications, as defined for this article.

UN Categories Survey of April 2006

Using the data presented in the UN Category article, it is possible to calculate the average freedoms index for surveyed nations characterized by an "authoritarian" UN Category classification:

UN Category: Freedoms Index: Number of Nations: Index Sum:
Psychotic Dictatorship 0 37.15 0
Authoritarian Democracy 1 14.86 14.86
Corrupt Dictatorship 1 53.5 53.5
Iron Fist Consumerists 1 83.22 83.22
Corporate Police State 2 68.36 136.71
Democratic Socialists 2 114.42 228.84
Father Knows Best State 2 145.63 291.26
Iron Fist Socialists 2 4.46 8.92
Moralistic Democracy 2 29.72 59.44
Tyranny By Majority 2 0 0
Compulsory Consumerist State 3 105.51 316.52
Conservative Democracy 3 2.97 8.92
Liberal Democratic Socialists 3 25.26 75.79
Libertarian Police State 3 8.92 26.75
Right-Wing Utopia 3 14.86 44.58
Scandinavian Liberal Paradise 3 23.78 71.33
Benevolent Dictatorship 4 4.46 17.83
Free Market Paradise 4 7.43 29.72
Left-Wing Utopia 4 16.35 65.38
Average Freedoms Index: 2.02
Number of Nations = total nations surveyed * percentage

Index Sum = freedoms index * number of nations

Average Freedoms Index = Σ(index sum)/Σ(number of nations)


The data indicate a lower than expected average freedoms index for the surveyed nations when compared to a similar analysis of the "authoritarian" UN Category classifications built into NationStates alone. As a whole, those surveyed nations of an "authoritarian" nature demonstrate a tendency toward a more complete authoritarianism.


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