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Flag of Automagfreek
Motto: Sleep Now in The Fire
Region Gholgoth
Capital ULE City
Official Language(s)
Leader Damien Dreadfire
Population Over 9 billion
Currency mark 
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Automagfreek At A Glance

Automagfreek....a name that brings many different thoughts to mind. Hatred, jealousy, friendship, good, evil....just a fraction of the many emotions that the three most famous initials on NationStates (AMF) inspire.

Automagfreek was founded March 24th, 2003 out of sheer accident. Originally a hard core poster on, a link to NationStates was posted in the General forum there, and curiosity and fate did the rest. On the very first day of creation, and with the very first post ever, a legacy was born. Automagfreek's first post was an RP (however infantile by today's standards) about national turmoil after Dictator Automagfreek came to power after the ULE Valley Clash that resulted in the forming of a nation. The Dictator had been put in power, but the people were still up in arms. Aequatio (a nation that had been founded that day as well) generously sent a fist of Marines in to help stabilize the situation, and an immediate friendship was formed that lasts to this day. Soon after Dictator Automagfreek was replaced by a democratic government under President Thomas Kaye, one of the most famous leaders of 2003. Together with his new ally Aequatio, the pair joined in a war with Iraqstan (the Iraqstani army had been preventing humanitarian aid from reaching obviously starving people inside its own borders), and after a semi-short conflict the fight against Iraqstan came to an end, with Automagfreek and Aequatio coming out ahead.

Automagfreek became a household name early on thanks to the formation of the WMNK Coalition, an alliance designed to help maintain order in NationStates after the war against Perrier. In a time without moderators, the WMNK was just what was needed. The WMNK stepped up to tackle such opponents as The Most Moral Order and MagicChina, resulting in the latter being glassed several times over. Sadly the WMNK was no longer needed once moderators had been selected, and the alliance slowly faded into NS history.

But during that time NationStates had seen the outbreak of World War 4 and World War 5, two seperate operations that lead to the downfall of GDODAD, at the time the largest alliance in the world. Automagfreek coordinated and lead many of the attacks against the GDODAD, quickly putting AMF at the top of their hit list. While Freek forces only engaged Nanakaland (a GDODAD sympathizer) and James Adams (a GDODAD member) directly, special forces and intelligene helped spearhead the Allied effort against GDODAD. World War 4 and World War 5 were victories for Automagfreek and the Allies, and helped to further solidify AMF's place as a major international player.

Automagfreek then went through its first civil war, in which terrorists from a nation known as Dark Vengeance captured Thomas Kaye and eventually began causing the populace to revolt. The civil war ended without much destruction thanks to The SLAGLands, who paradropped Ludwig von Slagalotz into the heart of the unrest and put an end to the turmoil thanks to a carefully constructed propaganda campaign.

In some of his last few actions, President Kaye came to the assistance of a nation named Xolistan, and after 1 swift move the entire war came to an end in Xolistan's favor. It seemed that Automagfreek's presence in the war was also a key factor in the sudden victory, and helped further cement AMF's reputation as a modern tech military power. While basking in the glory of the Xolistan victory, Russian Forces came under assault from Ma-tek and Forumwalker, and Kaye was quick to respond to the Russian plea for help. Automagfreek was roughly allied to Ma-tek at the time, and an agreement was made between the two to not engage eachother's forces. Meanwhile, special forces from Automagfreek continued to prevent the Forumwalker forces from advancing on Moscow, and were eventually beaten back to the northern shores of Russia. This was an unexpected victory for Automagfreek, especially since this was the first time in AMF history that Freek special forces had won an entire war on their own.

Around September of 2003, change had come to the Democratic States of Automagfreek, under the boots of perhaps the most controversial leader in NationStates.... Damien Dreadfire. The last name 'Dreadfire' was coined by Bastien the Bronze, Lord Reaver of Pantera as a 'soul name', the symbol of a true warrior. Damien also brought with him the Sentinels, one of the most feared and well coordinated infantry forces in modern tech NationStates. The Ur Trade Pact (an alliance that AMF was a member of) had begun to grow annoyed at the presence of Melkor Unchained and the reign of terror that had been brought down as a result. Operation MAGE was designed to be a surprise attack upon Melkor Unchained from several fronts, with Automagfreek attacking from the rear while the rest of the UTP attacked from the front. Problems were apparent early on with the resulting death of 20,000 New Genoa Marines and the havok wreaked by Melkor's Sky Furnaces. Bastien the Bronze, leader of Pantera had managed to drive ashore in a hail of gunfire, and Dreadfire's Sentinels had made landfall in the mountains near Angband. With Operation MAGE beginning to lose momentum, the Sentinels were withdrawn after a sloppy plan by UTP authority put the Sentinels in a difficult position to fight. As a result an uneasy cease fire was made between Melkor Unchained and Automagfreek that lasts even today, despite tensions that occassionally flare.

Shortly after his rise to power, Dreadfire wasted no time in flexing his muscles, wiping the nation of New Spartha off the map for attempting to lash out at Automagfreek. The resulting political backlash resulted in a joint military operation by Sentient Peoples and Ma-tek, which was eventually ignored, but the New Spartha slaughter remained a taboo moment in AMF history.

Shortly thereafter Automagfreek stopped frequenting the NationStates forum in favor of International Incidents, and there the carnage continued. Russian Forces became concerned with the recent shift in power towards AMF, and attempted to rally the world to place an embargo on Automagfreek. At the time AMF had nearly 60 die hard allies, and enough trade agreements to put almost any nation to shame. The resulting standoff came to blows after Russian Forces attempted to illegally export vodka into Automagfreek, and the Russian ships were fired upon. Russian Forces then attempted to land 30 million soldiers on AMF soil, and the conflict was ignored due to the absurd numbers that were being thrown around.

Then came the war against Allanea, that was a mistake from the start. The war was finally pushed into an ignore when Allanean troops landed on The Forbidden Isle, roleplayed since March 2003 as an ancient island infested with demons. Let's just say things got quite ugly, and Allanea was promptly ignored.

Then came Rayne, originally hired as an intern for Damien. In a short period of time she had managed to assassinate Dreadfire, and with her new super soldiers (known as the Strikers) she mananged to take the country by force. The Sentinels were ordered to be terminated, and a campaign of genocide soon began to spread across the nation. The Sentinels, loyal to their country, did not fight back or resist in any way. During her rule, Rayne spearheaded the formation of Metus, an alliance between The Reich, Arda, and GDODAD. Things had been going well, and Automagfreek was responsible for the formation of one of the most mammoth alliances ever created.

A campaign then began to recover the mutilated body of Dreadfire and attempt to bring him back to life with the assistance of a shadowy Freek priest. A joint international effort was launched with AMF special operations, and soon the body parts were recovered. After a strange ceremony the priest sacrificed his soul to the Gods to bring Damien back from the Other Side. The priest (the last being alive who knew how to pull souls across the realms) gave his life so that Damien could retake the country, and soon Rayne's spirit was cast into the Tomb of the Mutilated, deep inside the Halls of the Dead (AMF's largest and most brutal torture chamber). Dreadfire soon returned and undid the damage created by Rayne, and officially pulled Automagfreek from Metus, causing AMF/Melkor relations to worsen.

Shortly thereafter another slaughter caught international attention, this time against the nation Austo Hungary. This would be a move that would taint the reputation that Automagfreek had gained, and backlash from this massacre can still be felt to this day. In the wake of the carnage, another nation was beginning to make waves in the international community, Fascist White States. Feeling sympathy for FWS, Damien Dreadfire offered to protect FWS from the nations that were threatening invasion. Thinking he was invincible as a result, FWS went on a tirade of destruction, all the meanwhile using the threat of AMF intervention to keep other nations from stopping him. This did not sit well with Damien, and in turn sent a secret communication to FWS with an offer to place a large garrison of Sentinels in his country and train the troops in his capital city. But the gesture was nothing more than a dirty trick, and all the FWS troops in the captial were lured into a giant warehouse, where they were killed by millions of ball bearings and high explosives that were placed in large speakers that lined the warehouse. On the front lines the Sentinels turned on FWS troops, and in 1 swift stroke the nation was under AMF control. Fascist White States then lost his mind, unable to believe that he had suffered consequence for blackening the reputation of Automagfreek. He spammed, he flamed, he claimed to have traveled throught time, and was ultimately banned.

A revolution in Pantera had brought about the untimely death of Bastien the Bronze, and as a result Damien was said to never be the same.

Automagfreek then disappeared from the scene for some time, emerging once more to rebuild the defunct NATO with several surviving members. NATO was an active player in the international scene, wasting no time in engaging Decisive Action for his crimes against humanity and actions in general. NATO soon grew to be enemies of the newly formed Right Wing Collective, or RWC, and a legendary feud was born. After tensions had reached a boiling point, Operation: Brimstone, a systematic plan to trounce RWC nations one at a time, was born. The Operation had mixed results, eventually bringing about the demise of NATO and the RWC respectfully. Though NATO was still a formal alliance, its days of international influence were over. Automagfreek then began to slip from the scene once more, and by this time the number of nations in the world was staggering, and AMF's influence was gradually being forgotten.

Just when things couldn't get any worse, Damien discovered that he had a son with his long lost wife Xel named Azrael. Azrael was then the decided heir to the throne of Automagfreek, and was shipped off to Pantera to learn the way of the warrior. After quashing a rebellion on a remote Panteran settlement, Azrael returned to Automagfreek ready for the burden and glory of being a future leader....but fate would deliver a kick in the nuts once more. Rayne had managed to slip between the realms, and she wasted no time in placing Azrael under a spell and using him to help remove Damien Dreadfire from power. The result was the 2nd AMF Civl War, which saw the return of Damien after beheading his own son Azrael and assaulting Rayne using his Death Dealers, creatures that were born from the evil essences of the Tomb of the Mutilated.

The country was hanging by a thread, but Damien had managed to rebuild quickly, for old enemies were watching carefully and waiting to pounce. Damien had been driven mad by killing his own son, and in his emotionally weakened state he was contacted by a demon who offered him a chance to resurrect Azrael, but for a price. Dreadfire agreed, and has been possessed by a being known as The Destroyer ever since (hence the nickname, Damien the Destroyer). During this time Damien was delt yet another kick in the nuts, finding out he had a daughter as well by the name of Silvia. Soon after Azrael was among the living again, and the Dreadfire dynasty continued to grow.

However, much of the story still has to be told, due to a long inactive stint that saw AMF slip into obscurity in 2006. During this time the nation of Automagfreek went into isolation, the OOC reason being lack of drive to continue RPing. But in recent months AMF has returned with a vengeance and made itself known once more, and this story will soon be updated with all the latest adventures in the continuing saga.