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Ax-turath, Province of (AKA Commonality State of Ax-turath)

Nation: Iluvauromeni Commonality of Everlasting Light
Capital: Turath
Leader: High Lord Commodore Ax-randiri Rihad

The "Province of Ax-turath" is also known as the "Commonality State of Ax-turath". Famed for the massive size of its capital, Turath, and known for the ferocity of its warlike and predominantly Dth'gari Human population, Ax-turath is today a Province of the ICEL. Previously a part of the ancient Empire of the Eternal Flame (EOTEF), Ax-turath gained independence in early 1902c.e. during the chaos which ensued at the fall of that Empire, when the reclusive man known as 'The Leader' seized control in a bloody, but brief civil war. It engaged in a century-long war of attrition with its neighbour, Ma-tek, culminating in the One Day War.

Ax-turath has a colourful, long history: it was the last of the Three Provinces to fall in its entirety into EOTEF hands, shortly before EOTEF (not to be confused with EOTED) fell into chaos after the assassination of its last Emperor. Ax-turath is home to the Iluvauromeni Great Houses of Dth'gar and Aquinall; Great House Aquinall has historically always been loyal to the Nenyan Crown, whereas Great House Dth'gar never truly bowed to the Crown until the formation of the fairer, more equality-driven Empire of the Eternal Dawn.

In modern times, Ax-turath is the industrial and military might of the ICEL - contributing nearly three-fifths of the total manpower of the Imperial Defence Forces and home to all of the IDF Navy Shipyards, as well as the Primary CSF Shipyard in the north of the Province, Ax-turath is the key to the military might of the ICEL. This is likely why it was the prime target of the attacking forces during the brief but bloody War of Survival, when Melkor Unchained (usually referred to as Dor Daedoloth by the Iluvauromeni) and a number of their allies invaded. The attacking forces subjugated nearly one fifth of Ax-turath, but historians are split as to whether this was a deliberate 'feint' by the IDF GF or whether the rapid 'retreat' of the IDF GF - which was only seen moving through the streets of Turath and never actually engaged the enemy directly - was due to the sheer strength of the invading force. The Bay of Turath, to the west of Turath, leads to the South Atlantic Ocean and is seen as the most important area in the ICEL strategically: he who controls the Bay, has direct access to both Provincial capitals (Tek and Turath), as well as the economically important cities of Rhea and Shelbattanu, and the ICEL capital proper, Nenya.

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