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Flag of Axario
Motto: Facilius per partes in cognitionem totius adducimur.
Region The Axarian Union
Capital New Scion
Official Language(s) English - 90%, Spanish - 9%, Moshanan - <1%
Leader President Aron Christopher
Population 325 million
Currency Ax, Asio 
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Member of SEATO

Axario is a member of the SouthEast Atlantic Treaty Organization. Air Force veteran General Stephen Jackson was appointed as Minister of Air Force for SEATO.

Founder of Axarian Union

A local alliance consisting of Axario, Danversia, and Trochae. Promotes a strong sense of free trade among it's members. Acts much like the European Union, only more tightly knit.

Quick Facts


Ethnic Groups: 72.0% Caucasian/Hispanic; 10% Asian; 8.0% Native; 10% Other

Literacy Rate: 97%

Legal Age to Drive: 16

Legal Age to Vote: 16

Legal Age to Drink/Smoke: 18

Legal Age of Consent: 16

Minimum Draft Age: 18

Laws on Controversial Issues

Abortion is illegal
Capital Punishment is legal
Marijuana is legal
Alcohol is legal
Hard Drugs are illegal
Guns are legal




President: President Aron Christopher (elected by people)
Vice President: Vice President Lisa Polia
Council: made up of each of the Governors
Cabinet: (appointed by Prime Minister)

  • Minister of Commerce: Ronald Dumsfeld
  • Minister of Defense: General George Paso
  • Minister of Intelligence: Hallie Cherise
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Samuel Ensign


Parliament: elected by the people based on area population with no regard to state boundaries, total of 327 members
Convention: 3 Conventioneers from each state elected by the people with no regard to population, total of 45 Conventioneers


High Court: all the benches act as one, the divisions are only to decide who appoints a judge's replacement, total of 21 judges

  • People's Bench - 7 judges elected by the people
  • Governing Bench - 7 judges elected by the Parliament
  • Executive Bench - 7 judges appointed by the Prime Minister
  • Supreme Bench - 1 judge chosen from each of the other benches

Political Parties

Major Parties

Federalist Party - major purpose is calling for strengthening of the federal government
Democratic-Republican Party - major purpose is calling for a democratic republic with equal strength in the states and the federal government
Socialist Party - calls for strengthening of state governments and focusing the federal government on becoming more socialist friendly

Minor Parties

Communist Party - calls for turning Axario into a communist country
Democratic Party - splinter of Socialist party
Capitalist Party - calls for governmental focus on business
Unity Party - calls for disolving state boundaries

3rd Parties

Disarmament Party - calls for national disarming
Internationalist - calls for rule by the international community
Communitarian - calls for joining as a community with the other countries of the continent
Anarchist - calls for dissolving the government
Annexation Party - calls for annexing Axario back into Danversia
Royalist Party - calls for reinstating the royalty

The major parties make up 80% of the Parliament and the Convention, the minor parties make up 20%, and the Royalist party holds one seat in Parliament but is expected to be voted out in the next election

Places To Know


(in oder of admittance into alliance)

  1. Scion (1826)
  2. Tiwar (1826)
  3. Wagamauket (1826)
  4. Octania (1826)
  5. Maijong (1826)
  6. Neuvas (1826)
  7. Clove Island (1826)
  8. Northoria (Northern Islands) (1830)
  9. Filia (1836)
  10. Moshana (1842)
  11. Kapla (1847)
  12. East Harod (1864)
  13. West Harod (1864)
  14. Corporagia (2003)
  15. Langola (2004)


  • New Scion, Scion - Capital
  • Port Bonita, East Harod - Major port/city
  • Gatera, Corporagia - Major city; major economic center; capital of Corporagia
  • New Romana, Tiwar - Major city; capital of Tiwar
  • Ranpo, Wagamauket - Major city


Chief Exports:

  • Uranium
  • Automobiles
  • Iron Ore
  • Fish
  • Rice
  • Cattle
  • Diamonds
  • Oil (Northern Islands)
  • Military Equipment (Langola)
  • Information Technology (Corporagia)




Forming of the Alliance

The regions of Axario and the Northern Islands were released from Danversian control in 1820. A number of small countries formed out of the newly freed territory. The nation of Scion proposed that the nations of the region come together to form a strong alliance that would be governed by one body. This eventually evolved into more than just an alliance but more of a government much like that of the USA. The Allied States of Axario's Constitution was signed and brought into effect on June 9, 1826.

The War of the Royals

Immediately, the local nobility found they would have no power in the region like they had previously had in the Danversian Empire. This started a bloody civil war that lasted from 1827-1836. During this time, Axario's tradition of a strong military began. Heroes were made, traditions were established, and victories were won. On December 18, 1836 the nobility signed the Wasseter Treaty, declaring that the nobility would give up their power altogether.

The Kaplan War

After an Axarian trade vessel was sunk in the Hampton Bay to the south in 1845, Axario went to war with Kapla. The war only lasted a few years, ending in 1847, but resulted in Kapla becoming a state.

Harodian Civil War

The state of Harod split into eastern and western factions and started a brutal civil war in 1862. It had a lot to do with who was in control of the state's military. As a result, the Convention amended the Constitution to say the power to have an army rested solely in the federal government. The feds stepped in and ended the war in 1864, but Harod split into East Harod and West Harod.


After years of wars, Axario experienced peace from 1864-1948. During this time, many scientific advancements were made and multiple states were admitted into the alliance. Large oil deposits were discovered in the Northern Islands.

The War of the West

The War of the West started in 1948 with the nation of Patria. After nearly a decade of fighting, Patria launches a thermonuclear weapon at the city of Olveria, Filia. Devastation is widespread and millions die. Despite this setback, Axario pushes on and defeats Patria in 1964 and begins it's own nuclear weapons program in earnest. To this day, the area surrounding Olveria is a nuclear wasteland.

The Rise and Fall of Communism

In 1975, Wright Pedis of the Communist Party was elected Prime Minister of Axario. Many in the country feared Axario would become a communist state. Rumors abounded that Pedis was planning a communist revolution when he was assassinated in 1976. Since then, no Prime Minister has been elected from the Communist Party. It is believed that the highly secretive Draenei are responsible for the assassination, although evidence shows Brain Winfield, the assassin, acted alone.

Acquiring Land and The Corporagian Action

In 2002, Axario decided to help Danversia in the Corporagian Conflict. Only a few troops were leant, but it meant that diplomatic relations were strengthened between Axario and her former ruler. The Conflict was short and ended in Corporagia remaining free. Soon afterward they gave up their freedom to Danversia, and in 2003 Corporagia was sold to Axario and admitted into the Alliance. In 2004, Axario also bought the country of Langola, bringing with it the famous Langola Military Industries. Both purchases worked to greatly improve the Axarian economy.

The Danversian War

On May 9, 2005 Anapest set off a nuclear weapon in the city of Coldwater, Danversia sparking the Danversian War. Supreme Commander Alexander Pesta and Commander General Sezaar ordered a column of 1 million soldiers to march through southern Danversia. King Noah III and President Edward Claron were immediately evaced to New Scion where they applied for statehood in the ASA. President Aron Christopher immediately moved Axarian forces in to protect Romana. When Anapest attacked Axarian forces, war was declared. Some SEATO nations, including Ancient and Holy Terra, New Logan, Caldaron, and the Lightning Star quickly rallied around Axario and defeated many Anapestic attempts on Danversia. Pesta called a summit in Diosono and the Danversia Treaty was signed, giving half of Danversia to Anapest.