Axis (Principality)

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Axis (Principality)
Nation: Bryn Shander
Capital: Axis
Leader: Prince Artemis Bonaduce


The Principality of Axis is currently Bryn Shander's furthest and most isolated territory, a fact that tends to encourage it's citizens to be hardy, independant, and creative thinkers. The isolation also has an adverse effect, hindering the growth of Axis' economy and drawing in those who are on the run from or simply don't fit in in more active communities. Because of this, Axis is seen by residents of Bryn Shander's other territories as a lawless, backwater dump. In contrary, Axis' colonies are just as nice as the nation's others, and enjoy more freedom to act as they wish outside of the colonies. Crime and piracy are discouraged by extensive patrols of the Principality and surrounding space by the military and police.


Axis' primary industries are asteroid mining and ship building, though the arms industry also tends to thrive due to the Principality's air of lawlessness. Many of Axis' citizens make their living running cargo between the colonies and the Principality's namesake asteroid. Others own or serve on larger merchant vessels, making regular runs between Axis and the inner Solar system, or even to the outer planets. Still others survive by working as ship pilots and guides through the asteroid belt. The Principality also has a healthy number of mercenary companies, the largest and most well known of which being the Dragonheart Adventuring Company. To those in the know, there is also a large population of pirates, though they make sure to stay hidden, and never operate inside the military's patrol range.