Banita Sho

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Banita Sho
West Ariddian
President of West Ariddia
health shop employee, member of the West Ariddian Human Rights Council

Banita Sho is the current President of West Ariddia. She represents the Democratic Communist Party.

Sho was born and raised in the coastal town of Port Delta. She became a leading member of the West Ariddian Human Rights Council before entering politics. She was spokeswoman for President Ea L'lew's brief interim government in 2143, and was selected to stand for the DCP in the presidential election later that same year. She was elected with 50.07% of the vote, on a promise to implement radical social reforms.

Banita Sho is an Indigenous West Ariddian, of mixed Wymgani and Indian descent. She speaks English, Wymgani and Hindi. She can converse adequately in French, but is the first West Ariddian president not to be a fluent francophone.

Preceded by:
Frank Helm
President of West Ariddia

2143 - present

Succeeded by: