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The Baptism of Fire tournament is a preliminary tournament to the World Cup, in which only new nations (newbs, or at least, nations with no KPB points) are allowed. It was created by Kaze Progressa to encourage such nations to be involved in World Cup 12, which was to be co-hosted in the country - as well as to showcase the nation's less absurdly-sized stadia and to test the innovative scorination formula for WC12. More recently, it has emerged as a regular fixture in the sporting calendar. The RP-bonus is higher than usual (and furthermore is the only variable separating the teams besides luck) since the main intention of this tournament is to give a ranking boost for the World Cup to RPing newbs. Indeed, the Baptism of Fire tournament (#sport-slang: BoF) influences the KPB ranking system.

Following a less-than spectactular BoF 15 won by Turori, Vilita revitalized the BoF with a new RP dependant Two-Region format originally Co-Hosted by Liverpool England before Atlantian Oceania regionmate Starblaydia stepped in to host their first tournaments in BoF 17 & 18. After BoF 19, Vilita was awarded the position of semi-permanent co-host, with the task of selecting a co-host for each incarnation of the cup, until his resignation before BoF 26. Rejistania was awarded the hosting duties by WCC President Simeone Di Bradini for BoF 26. Legalese, a former co-host with Vilita, not to mention a controversal two-time participant in the BoF, took over co-hosting duties with Rejistania before WC 27. After Rejis bowed out of hosting BoF 28, Legalese tapped The Kazoo Peoples to be his co-host, returning the BoF to its usual tradition of pairing an experienced host with one relatively new to the hosting scene. Since the end of that arrangement with Legalese's demise before World Cup 30, the competition has been both singly and co-hosted.

Past & Future Hosts

Note that the number in parenthesis refers to the World Cup preceded by the corresponding BoF.

Recent Regional Winners

Recent Overall Winners

After their victory in BoF(33), Northern Bettia made history as they and Bettia became the first master and puppet nations to both win this tournament. Bettia's World championship in World Cup 33 saw them join Sarzonia as the only nations to win both the Baptism of Fire and the World Cup. Az-cz would later accomplish this feat too, thanks to their World title in World Cup 37.

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