Barabas De Gras

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Barabas DeGras
Council Posting
Herald of the White Rhino Collective
Shiree Clan
Union Affiliation
Current Status
Operative - although has rejected council

DeFacto head of the White Rhino Collective, Barabas briefly wrestled popular opinion away from the pro-CACE council and instigated a three month period of isolation which saw borders closed, trading cease, production fall and foreign nationals deported. Suprisingly the Shiree took a great deal of persuasion to reject the White Rhino Collective’s principals, as there had been a great tide of anti-UN, anti-CACE feeling fomenting with the Council for some time. However the extremes that the isolationists went to in order to ‘protect’ Watfordshire from the outside world were their own undoing - the majority swung away from them when extremist factions within the collective attempted an unmandated action to close the Post Office Networks - thereby rendering the entire nation without a communications system, or structure for employment and production. The schism within the Collective saw the White Rhino’s hold on the Council disintegrate and they returned to the dense areas of the northern Selvabosques; rejecting citizenship in favour of their own peaceful isolation.

The White Rhino Collective contained many of the more religious, superstitious and cultist tribes and factions in Watfordshire. Many reject oriental and occidental logic and wisdom and indeed any kind of established scientific theory altogether - or to vaying degrees - small unit of dwindling believers dwelling on the southern banks of the Wellson, known as the ‘Beefwah’ worship piles of leaves. Yes that’s right - Leaves.