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Flag of Baribeau
Motto: "Retired"
No Map Available Yet
Region Lazarus
Capital Paulondon
Official Language(s) English(Canadian), French
Leader Paul
Population > 3 billion
Currency Hornswoggle 
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Baribeau was founded in the spring of 2004. Most notably, it has served as UN Delegate in Ganjaland, Deputy Minister of Culture and Education in The North Pacific (as well as a brief stint as Minister), an Officer of the NPA, Deputy Minister of Regional Affairs in Canada, Minister of Law in The Swamp, a member of The North Pacific Underground, The North Pacific's ambassador to The West Pacific, The North Pacific's Minister of Immigration and Internal Affairs, a member of the Central Defense Army, Lazarus's ambassador to TWP(The West Pacific), Lazarus's UN Delegate, and The Swamp's ambassador to Scroll Islands.

The nation of Baribeau, and most of it's affiliates, withdrew mysteriously from the game shortly before Poltsamaa's election as Prime Minister in The North Pacific.