Basian Valley

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Basian Valley
LeagueLiga Starblaydia
ManagerMikael Tissot
StadiumThe Valley


Basian Valley FC were the one of the poorest teams in the old Starblaydi Football League, perennially being stuck in the Beta or Gamma Divisions. Somehow they managed to get themselves a fine 'keeper who they retain to this day. The addition of Vilitan Under-21 player Toby Tzikas is certainly a buy for the future.

Not known for being a particularly good team the Valley do, however, claim the former-Starblaydi Numer-One Goalkeeper in Marcus Cragg as their best-ever player. He had single-handedly kept them from relegation many-a-season.



Famous Players

Markus Cragg Fernando Branco


Basian Valley play in Blue shirts with White sleeves, White Shorts and Blue socks.

Starting XI

 Season 4 Team (3-5-2)
 Pos	Name		  Nation
 GK	Thaddikos Kellas  Starblaydi FROM Tournetas
 CB	Steve Lermas	  Nova Britannican
 CB	Allan Chabolla	  Starblaydi
 CB	Kevin Trower	  Starblaydi
 DM	Fernando Branco	  Starblaydi
 DM	Tyrone Amaan	  Vilitan
 AM	Toby Tzikas 	  Vilitan
 LW	William Falstaff  Nova Britannican
 RW	Philip Parham	  Nova Britannican
 SC	Lonnie Wrench	  Nova Britannican
 SC	Kurt Bangor	  Starblaydi