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Basilissa (1979)
</div> Basilissa is a rock band from Pantocratoria, where it was particularly popular from the late 1970s through to the United Christian Front gaining government in 1992, when then Minister for Cultural Development, Princess Irene Capet, added the band's music to the Ministry of Cultural Development's list of culturally subversive music. The band toured several countries, including Bigtopia, Laneria, and Knootoss from 1993 to 1995, but didn't perform again in Pantocratoria throughout the entire United Christian Front and subsequent Pantocratoria First Party Governments (1992 to 2004). It was the lead act at the 2004 Christmas Concert sponsored by the Drapeur Government in New Rome, an event organised largely to celebrate the end of Ministry of Cultural Development censorship on music and other forms of artistic expression. Its 1984 hit Je Veux me Casser Libre was the unofficial anthem of the Pantocratorian Socialist Alliance's 2004 election campaign. In early 2005, the band released a new album - its first original album since 1991 and its tenth overall - entitled Basilissa II. Basilissa II consisted largely of songs written between 1995 and 2004 but never released because of Ministry of Cultural Development censorship, and was the first major Pantocratorian album including both French and Greek tracks (seven of the former, three of the later), although all of Basilissa's members speak French as their first language. A special edition PeacockPod featuring the autographs of the band's four members engraved on the back of the case was released in early 2006.