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Bazalonia is a nation of variety, some aspects of national life are torn by schisms (such as Bazalonian soccer.. more info in the soccer section) and others are so harmonious they are almost sickening.

Bazalonian History

Bazalonia was formed in 1898, when it was granted independance from a kingdom that has now ceased to exist. No one really talks about the old kingdom anymore but many aspects of Bazalonian political life stem from the old kingdom. First is the structure of the government. Bazalonia uses the same system for the Bazalonian parliment as the old kingdom. Many common expressions and spellings for words come from the old kingdom. And finally the old kingdom's monarchy is still respected by the majority even though the old kingdom descended into choas as the last of the kingly line died out.

Bazalonian Politics

Bazalonia is currently run by a right-of-center political party known as the Neo-Liberals. The Neo-liberals are opposed in both the upper and lower parlimentary houses by a number of other parties, though the largest of these parties are known as the Environmental Democrats... A left-leaning environmentally concious party that hates anything to do with business.

Bazalonian Maps

Regional Map

Bazalonia outline map.png

Local Map


Bazalonian Languages

A only very slightly modifier version of standard English is used in Bazalonia, known as Bazalonian English

Another language has received official recognition., it is called Esperanto. and is just starting to be used in Bazalonian media.

Bazalonian Soccer

Bazalonian Federation of Soccer Associations (BFSA)

Soccer in Bazalonia is currently under the purview of the Bazalonian Federation of Soccer Associations(BFSA). The federation was formed from the Bazalonian Soccer League (BSL), Super Soccer Bazalonia (SSB) and Free-Form Soccer Association (FFSA). BSL was the only league until 1989... where there was great turmoil and political games played out in BSL which resulted in SSB and FFSA breaking away from BSL and forming their own soccer competitions. BFSA wwas formed only last year when the government mandated the merging of all the leagues into one... they where just fed up with the three leagues operating and the infighting between them. And So BFSA was born... though the infighting still occurs within BFSA. Howevewr since the BFSA has been going for a long time the status of the 3 original Bazalonian FA's is no longer a matter of any importance


Baptism of Fire for WC29
Baptism of Fire for WC31
Cup of Harmony for WC32
Baptism of Fire for WC33 World Cup 35

Bazalonian Soccer League (BSL)

BSL was the original soccer association in Bazalonia, using international standard soccer rules and guidelines, BSL is pretty much like any other national soccer league in Nationstates

Super Soccer Bazalonia (SSB)

SSB fractured off BSL in 1989 and has modified rules that favours attacking, as a result SSB players are more focused on attacking as a result and the best strikers in Bazalonia are in this league as a result

Free-Form Soccer Association (FFSA)

FFSA is a bit more of a rough and tumble league than the others, it's tackling and other physical rules are less stringent and things that woud normally result in yellow cards are common throughout the FFSA league.

Bazalonian National Anthem

Bazalonia, Where the Bazalope runs free
There's a place that we call home
Our Wonderous Land

Bazalonia, where our hearts are set upon
There is nowhere else like you
our wonderous home

Bazalonia, our pride and joy you are
There you stand a shinning light
illuming our way

And as our nation grows
We'll build our nations might
Our Land, Our Home
Bazalonia, We love you
Bazalonia, We love you

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