Bedistan Football League (2065 version)

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Bedistan Football League
Level in league system2 through 6
Competing teams108
Promotion/RelegationSee below
Current championsAri FC

The Bedistan Football League consists of the second through sixth levels of domestic football (soccer) competition in the Grand Dominion of Bedistan.


The BFL consists in part of four divisions of twenty clubs each, named, appropriately enough, the First, Second, Third, and Fourth Divisions. League play consists of a total of 38 matches for each club in the top four divisions and 26 in the Conferences, as they play each other club twice, once at home and once away. Final league standings are determined first by points (three per win and one per draw), then by goal difference (goals conceded subtracted from goals scored), and then by goals scored. So far there has never been a situation where a tie still resulted after all three criteria were taken into account.

Promotion and relegation in the Bedistan Football League works as follows:

Division Promoted Relegated
First Division Top 3 clubs
(to Bedistan Premier League)
Bottom 3 clubs
Second Division Top 3 clubs Bottom 3 clubs
Third Division Top 3 clubs Bottom 3 clubs
Fourth Division Top 3 clubs Bottom 4 clubs
(2 each to Conference North and South)
Conference North/South Top 2 clubs from each Bottom 2 clubs from each
(to Western, Northern, Heartland, and Deep South Leagues)


The BFL in its current form was formed at the beginning of 2065, after the BPL chose to break ties with the Bedistan Football Association because they did not like the Association's mandates regarding who could or could not play in the BPL. The BFA still recognizes the BPL as an official competition, though. In 2075, the Conference North and South were added beneath the Fourth Division. In 2077, relegation from and promotion to the Conferences was added. Prior to the 2082 season, the Conferences lost their geographical distinctions and were renamed simply Conference A and Conference B. In 2088, they were again restored to their original function as Conference North and South, with clubs redistributed between the two as appropriate.

Previous champions

Clubs highlighted in green are from Pedriana. They were removed from the Bedistani league system for a number of years, then were allowed to participate in competition again beginning in 2090, though they began again without league status.

Year First Division Second Division Third Division Fourth Division
2065 Rolestu FC Sonovago City FC Chickamauga United Hendersonburg Stars
2066 Dionte City Paradise Town Uniondale FC Eagle Lake Athletic
2067 Jackson FC Santa Monica FC Brookdale Rovers Eagle Lake Athletic
2074 Washington Tigers Spring House FC Uniondale FC Ilium Dragons
Year First Division Second Division Third Division Fourth Division Conference North Conference South
2075 Dawson Springs FC Santa Monica FC Hundon FC Hendersonburg Stars Uäneres Ataï Jeonju United
2076 Sokojiwa City FC Spring House FC FC Glückstadt Wallops United Alétike Ústin AFC IJsselmeer
2077 Jervis FC Leeco Rangers Uniondale FC Bloom City FC Uäneres Ataï Springfield FC
2078 Jamaica Giants Spring House FC Independence FC Cisna-Ri Athletic Aspanes Kalsam Van Diemen FC
2079 Dawson Springs FC Eagle's Rest United Hyatt Gorge FC Wallops United Uäneres Ataï Lafe FC
2080 New Haverford Albion Sonoma City Volcanoes Hampton Paladins Detmold Town Sylvania Sporting Wisconsin Swamp AFC
2081 Dawson Springs FC Pine Village FC Chelmsford Forest Albany FC FC Livinable Gyeongsan FC
Year First Division Second Division Third Division Fourth Division Conference A Conference B
2082 Charleston FC Cornish FC Fyres Point Wanderers Wallops United Lafe FC Van Diemen FC
2083 Dionte City Paradise Town Uniondale FC Albany FC Jennerstown FC Flanders FC
2084 Jackson FC Cornish FC Fyres Point Wanderers Sayle United FC Livinable Ilium Dragons
2085 Dionte City Leeco Rangers Columbia Sharks Hendersonburg Stars Flanders FC Van Diemen FC
2086 Dennis Bears RC Los Triesto Detmold Town Albany FC Caldwell United Jeonju United
2087 RKA Warriors Leeco Rangers Westport Town Aeon United Woodruff Wanderers Buffalo Town
Year First Division Second Division Third Division Fourth Division Conference North Conference South
2088 Ari FC Cdredika City Eagle's Rest United Hendersonburg Stars Grant City Lions Albany United
2089 Jamaica Giants Navarre Town AFC Beaagkh Delano FC Sierra City FC Sylvania Sporting
2090 Ari FC Sonoma City Volcanoes New Town Red Devils Linsuk Dosi FC Fort Worth Patriots Albany United

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