Bedistan Premier League

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Bedistan Premier League
Level in league system1
Competing teams20
Promotionnone (top division)
RelegationBottom 3 teams to Bedistan Football League First Division
Final championsSan Solari FC

The Bedistan Premier League was the top level of domestic football competition in the Grand Dominion of Bedistan from 2047 through 2095. It contained the majority of Bedistan's internationally-known clubs. There were twenty clubs in the BPL, and each played two matches against each other club, one home and one away, for a total of 38 matches. The team with the most points (three for each win and one for each draw) at the end of the season was crowned BPL champion. In the case that two or more clubs should be tied for the most points, goal difference was used as the tiebreaker, followed by goals scored. The three teams that finished at the bottom were relegated to the First Division of the Bedistan Football League.



The BPL was formed in 2047 with a format slightly changed from that of the recently defunct Bedistan Football Association. The top three divisions remained the same, but the Regional Divisions (consisting of 68 clubs in total) were consolidated into the 16-team National Conference. The Bedistani Cup, however, did not resume competition until 2050. It followed the same format as before, but with one fewer round; that is, only 64 clubs participated instead of 128. In 2052, the National Conference was renamed to the Fourth Division.


In 2055, a slow process began that was to eventually equalize all four divisions to twenty-two clubs each. Three clubs were added to each division, giving the top three divisions twenty-three each and the Fourth Division nineteen. Promotion and relegation schemes were altered slightly from year to year to equalize the divisions. No competition took place from 2059 through 2061 due to worries about government stability in neighboring Lontorica, delaying the final equalization by three years, but it was acheived in 2062. In 2064, the Bedistan Football Association gave the BPL an order to integrate new clubs from the recently-annexed lands formerly part of Silverbrook and Karacos, bringing it to a total of 100 clubs, twenty-five in each of four divisions. After the 2064 season, the BPL chose to break away from the BFA and become its own entity, taking only the top twenty clubs in the nation with them. The remaining eighty were then forced to reincarnate the Bedistan Football League, consisting of four divisions of twenty each.


The BPL and BFL did not play in the years 2068-73 for reasons still unknown, but the leagues returned in 2074 in the same 2065-67 format, which it maintained until the league ceased operation prior to what would have been the 2096 season.

Previous champions

Note: Numbers in parentheses indicate the total number of championships won up to that point.

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