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Nickname Lions
Association Bedistan Football Association
Coach Kenter Surf
Most caps Thomas Mannheim, 84
Top scorer Darren Morlock and Alejandro Vantrease, 48 goals
Bedistandarkth.png Bedistanwhiteth.png
Home Colors Away Colors
First International
Bedistan 1 - 3 Svecia
(Tanah Burung, World Cup 5 qualifying, 2005)
Largest win
ASSKICKEN 0 - 7 Bedistan
(ASSKICKEN, World Cup 16 qualifying, 2048)
Bedistan 7 - 0 Vorpal Bunnies
(Columbia, Bedistan, World Cup 17 qualifying, 2053)
Worst defeat
Bedistan 1 - 4 The Eagle's Nest
(Eauz, World Cup 18, 2058)
Bedistan 0 - 3 Oglethorpia
(Tanah Burung, World Cup 5 group stage, 2006)
Bedistan 0 - 3 Runaway Moose
(unknown location, World Cup 6 qualifying, 2008)
Bedistan 0 - 3 Eauz
(Cockbill Street, World Cup 13 semifinals, 2038)
Bedistan 0 - 3 Fmjphoenix
(Cockbill Street, World Cup 21 group stage, 2070)
World Cup
Appearances 20 (First in 2006)
Best result Champions, 2070, 2090 and 2094


The Bedistan national football team played its first international match against Svecia in 2005, losing by a score of three to one; however, it was merely the first stepping stone to a very long and glorious sporting history.

Bedistan qualified for their first World Cup in 2006 in an unconventional way, doing so by means of a special eight-way playoff created to fill the gap left by the former Al Quds, who was originally to host the Cup alongside Tanah Burung. Despite a lack of experience, the Bedistani team was able to obtain two points in the group stage, achieving draws against both Ravenspire and host nation Tanah Burung. World Cup 6 was met with similar results, but in World Cup 7, the Lions made the world take note by advancing all the way to the semifinals, finally losing there to Errinundera and then again in the third-place match to Svecia. The team's performance in that Cup helped to greatly strengthen the Bedistan Football Association's bid to host World Cup 8 alongside Oglethorpia, which ultimately succeeded.

World Cup 8 marked the first instance of a host nation reaching the final, Bedistan doing so after a one-nil win over Europa Brittania in the semifinals. Their opponents were the team from Liverpool England, distinct underdogs in the match. However, the Liverpool England team was very much underestimated and shocked the world by defeating the Lions in front of a packed house at Holmes Stadium and lifting the Cup right from under the very noses of the host nation. World Cup 9 only served to add insult to injury after the Lions lost again in the semifinals, this time to old foes Ravenspire, again facing Liverpool England in the third-place match. And again Liverpool England won, this time 2-1 instead of 3-1.

After being humiliated again by Liverpool England, the Bedistan national team fell into a slump. Despite being ranked fourth in the world, they only managed to reach the second round of World Cup 10, losing to relatively unknown Antaeus Rising, and then the team hit rock bottom shortly afterward, failing to qualify for the World Cup for the first (and so far only) time and missing out on a trip to Total n Utter Insanity and/or Warnocks Wizards. Instead the team participated in the third running of the Cup of Harmony, putting on a mediocre performance before losing to Iansisle in the quarterfinals.

Having now fallen into the mid-twenties in world rankings, a much chagrined Bedistani team rallied to gain entry to World Cup 12 before bowing out in the first round with a win and two losses. When World Cup 13 came around, though, the Bedistani team of old seemed to be back in business, powering their way once again to the semifinals before being crushed three-nil by Eauz and returning again to the third-place playoff. For the first time, though, the run would end in a win, the Bedistan national team taking third place over Lemmitania.

Though World Cup 14 saw the Lions chalk up an impressive 15-2-1 record in qualifying, the Cup itself was eminently forgettable for Bedistan, who failed to move on to the second round after earning just two points and scoring only one goal in the group stage. The next Cup saw Bedistan take the full nine points in the group stage for the first time before ultimately losing to Squornshelous in the quarterfinals.

Many Bedistani football fans saw World Cup 16 as something of a renaissance of the sport for Bedistan. The Lions came out of the gate with a vengeance in a 7-0 away victory over ASSKICKEN, tied for the largest victory in Bedistani history, and ultimately went all the way to the final for the first time in thirty-two years, but they were again denied the Cup in a 1-0 loss to Eauz. But it was to be a while before Bedistan would see that level of success again, as they fell into an extremely predictable pattern. In each of World Cups 17, 18, and 19, the Lions earned exactly four points in the group stage with a win, a draw, and a loss, and each time they were knocked out in the second round. In the case of World Cup 18, it resulted in the first time a Bedistani national team had ever allowed four goals in a match, losing 1-4 to the Eagle's Nest. However, after World Cup 18, the Lions managed to win their first ever trophy by defeating Audioslavia in the final of Eagle's Cup 4, held, ironically enough, in the Eagle's Nest.

World Cup 20 saw renewed hope for Bedistan as they finally managed to get two wins in the group stage and defeated host nation Starblaydia in the second round after extra time. They would, however, fall to Audioslavia in the quarterfinals.

During World Cup 21, many feared that the team had slipped back into their style from a decade ago, again getting a win, a draw, and a loss in the group stage. But there was much rejoicing when the team successfully defeated long-time rivals Liverpool England in the second round, marking the third time in three years Bedistan had defeated the team that caused them to miss out on their first World Cup trophy. The World Cup 21 quarterfinal match against Vilita holds the distinction of being the highest-scoring match ever in a World Cup (qualifying included), as the Lions eked out an 8-7 victory over the Jungle Cats to advance to the semis. There, a 1-0 win over Cockbill Street in their own territory gave the Lions a third attempt to take the Cup. Their opposition this time: Total n Utter Insanity. Neither team had successfully won a World Cup before, even though Bedistan had attempted seventeen times and TnUI twenty times. As a result, it was no surprise when the score remained deadlocked at 1-1 after 120 minutes, sending the World Cup final into a penalty shootout. There, the team exercised its great skill at the penalty mark to overcome the Insanicians 5-3 and finally secure the World Cup for Bedistan after sixty-five long years.

An attempted repeat performance in World Cup 22 proved unsuccessful, as eventual winners Sarzonia defeated the defending champions 1-0 in the semifinals; Bedistan was, however, able to win the third-place match against Rejistania. The Lions would not be quite so lucky the next time around; after being unexpectedly defeated by Druida in the semifinals, Bedistan met Sarzonia again in the third-place match and lost again. World Cup 24 produced an even more disappointing result, as the Lions lost to Liverpool England in the quarterfinals.

In World Cup 25, the Bedistan Lions made history again, this time doing so during qualifying. They became the first team to manage a 100% record in an 18-match qualifying round (the longest that has ever been used), scoring an astounding 60 goals along the way to produce the highest goals-per-game ratio since World Cup 7, when Ariddia scored 40 in 10 matches. The team stretched its undefeated streak to 21 games before losing in the second round to Squornshelous in a penalty shootout, resulting in the team's worst performance since World Cup 19. World Cup 26 saw Bedistan fare much better, as they became the fifth nation to have won two World Cups, and they repeated that on home soil in World Cup 27.

The team has been ranked in the top 10 of the KPB World Rankings almost without interruption since the late 2030s, though the team was never ranked first in the world until they won World Cup 26 in 2090.

World Cup record

The Bedistan Football Association was dissolved after World Cup 32, and Bedistan never sent its own team to a World Cup again. Beginning with World Cup 33, Bedistani footballers would play for Capitalizt SLANI instead.

Head coaches

All are Bedistani unless otherwise noted

Distinguished players

A list of all players with fifty or more caps for Bedistan, updated through the end of World Cup 24:

# Player Caps
1 Thomas Mannheim 84
2 Nick Reagan 80
3 Kelly Bowden 78
4 Alejandro Vantrease 74
5 Karina Kucharski 69
6 Javier Lewey 68
= Karen Neighbors 68
8 Vanessa Carpenter 67
= Clinton Saravia 67
= Mike Thomas 67
11 Jennifer Matz 66
12 Darren Morlock 65
13 Tara Pullman 64
14 Nick Reagan 63
= Tyrone Hockensmith 63
16 Xavier Parks 61
17 George Washburn 60
= Quentin Phillips 60
19 Carl Chapman 59
20 Nick Yu 58
21 Ian Hammond 57
= Carl Chang 57
= Dave al-Armani 57
= Lloyd Roberts 57
25 Morris McGarity 56
= Jackson Reinhardt 56
27 Rosalinda Heidelberg 55
= Diego Sanchez 55
= Laura Johnson 55
= Zack Martínez 55
31 Ken Sierra 54
= Kurt Brew 54
33 Johnny Lewis 52
= Tabitha Morgan 52
= Richard Weiss 52
36 Walter Marley 51
37 Olivia Bream 50
= Lisa Young 50

* denotes a player still playing or available for selection.

Top scorers

A list of all players that have scored five or more goals for Bedistan, updated through the end of World Cup 24:

# Player Goals
1 Darren Morlock 48
= Alejandro Vantrease 48
3 Vanessa Carpenter 44
4 Jackson Reinhardt 38
5 Johnny Lewis 33
6 Karen Neighbors 31
7 Benjamin Xi 27
= Tony Orr* 27
9 Gil Vu 26
10 Nathan Cooke 21
11 George Washburn 20
= Sven Cardinal 20
13 Javier Lewey 18
14 Jeff Whitehurst 16
15 Fernando Sippel 15
16 Nick Yu 13
17 Claire Briscoe 11
18 Gene Barber 9
19 Kyle Dean 7
= Morris McGarity 7
21 Alicia Johnson 6
22 Geraldine Abair 5

* denotes a player still playing or available for selection.

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