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The Bekk is the major lake in Atlantian Oceania. It is bordered by Footballia to the north, Neu Amerika to the west, Starblaydia to the east, Legalese to the southeast, and The Lowland Clans to the south. These are the 'Bekkside' nations in AO, producing a common bond yet fierce rivalry between the nations.

The Bekk was originally named by the Taa tribe of Ancient Starblaydia, who lived beside the lake in ye anciente times. The Starblaydi city of Tabeck in the province of Basia now stands where those people once lived, and is also the HQ of the Regional Defense Organistion, AORDO.

The first settlers in The Druidish Lands also lived on the shores of Bekk, at Druid Tribune. As simple folk, they first called it simply "Lac". As links between the nations around Bekk grew stronger, the name "Bekk" eventually caught on around the other side of the lake. however, the majority of Druidans call it "Bec", due to a double k in a word being hard to adapt into their language.

In Legalese, the lake is referred to both as "Lake Bekk" and "Bekk Lake", depending on who is speaking.

In Footballia, the lake was initially known as Amadiamagaose, meaning "Great Life-Giving Sea". As the Footballians began to encounter and exchange ideas with other lakeside peoples, they came to know it as "Bék Çñór", the spelling changes in "Bekk" being made due to the lack of double consanants in Footballian and to preserve the pronunciation.

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