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The Benelux stands for Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg. Basically it's just an abbrevehiation.

In NationStates, there are many regions that form the Benelux. From countries to seaports to animal farms, the Benelux has it all!

The main language in the NS-Benelux community is Dutch.


As I said earlier, there are several Benelux-regions in NationStates.

Belgium (Click for NSWiki Article) - A region for people from Belgium.

Hotel Benelux is the Benelux's very own hotel!

Media Benelux has all the news related to the Benelux-regions are posted here.

Stadion Benelux (Click for NSWiki Article) - Different events are held in this stadion. In the past there has been, for example, a U.N.-rankings musical chairs and a flag competition. If you want to hire this stadium for an event, please contact the founder.

Nederland (click for NSWiki article) - This region is for Dutch-speaking people.

Vlaanderen is the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium.

Benelux-Countries with NSWiki Articles

Bagheeria Hakenium NEC Nijmegen (dead NS-nation) NationState One

NOTE to founders/Delegates of Benelux regions or founders of countires: if you want your region added/removed from this list, please send a TM to Tycholand.