Benjamin Eash

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Benjamin Eash
Table tennis
Highest achievement
Olympic bronze medal

Benjamin Eash is a Sanadrianese athlete who competed in the Tyrellian Ylompic Games in Tyrellia, Casari and in the first Summer Olympic Games in Ashford, also in Casari. He was one of San Adriano's only two representatives - the other being Sabrina Vannucci, for swimming. He is now participating in the second Summer Olympic Games (in Querzakhi, UCS), again as one of two Sanadrianese athletes (the other being Femke van der Vaart).

Eash is of mixed ethncity, but primarily of Wymgani descent. He was born in the tiny village-State of San Adriano, and is a citizen of that country, although he is temporarily residing in Uhuh-Topia, where he is studying medicine. When at home, he helps out in the village's medical centre.

In the Ylompics, Eash's participation was extremely brief. He competed in the men's table tennis singles, was drawn against Aaron Wrenn of Starblaydia for his first match, and lost in seven sets, thus being eliminated. He was nonetheless given a hero's welcome when he returned to San Adriano.

In the Ashford Olympics, likewise, Eash was knocked out in the first round, losing to Milchama's Mike Cutter in four sets.

At the Querzakhi Games, Eash performed much better, and

  • defeated Carl Price (WLD) 4-2 in the first round
  • defeated Douglas Desmond (WLD) 4-3 in the second round
  • defeated Lim Bao (MAI) 4-2 in the quarter-finals
  • lost to Sílvio Monteiro (CAF) 3-4 in the semi-final
  • won bronze by defeating Walker Hanson (NTD) in the match for the third place.

His achievement is commemorated by his portrait being featured on all banknotes with a value of SL500.

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