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Bentay is a medium sized NationStates nation located in Aberdeen. It is the largest arms manufacturer and dealer in the region, able to manufacture giant orders in 1 week or less. Bentay is a very young nation, started around day 292 in Aberdeen history. On day 300 Bentay's Federal Economist, Laird Birde, was killed in his home by an assassination. More on that is down the page. I spent a lot of time working on the military and everything is (should) be perfect about it. Hope you enjoy!

Flag of Bentay
Motto: "There's no better time than now.."
Region Aberdeen
Capital Jaelenhall
Official Language(s) Treccon, German, English
Leader Nathaniel Burke
Population N/A
Currency UNAD 
NS Sunset XML

Goverment structure

Bentay is a republic, it houses elections for the people that elect selectmen, and the selectmen elect the leaders. There are 4 people in power, the people that rule the nation. There is a Prime Minister, 2nd In Command, Federal Economist, and the Supreme General.

Prime Minister Nathaniel Burke

Nathaniel Burke is an outgoing leader who's not afraid to speak his mind. He doesn't have a lot of patience which often gets him in trouble, on such occasions as when he entered Dancing Bananaland without notice. He was leader of the refugee group that came to Aberdeen on day 292.

2nd In Command Keanu Nuvara

Keanu Nuvara was one of Burke's best freinds growing up, and when Burke was appointed leader of the refugee group Bentay, he saw Nuvara as being the best for the job. Nuvara is a shy man but not afraid to get his hands dirty if need be. He finds himself as main commander whenever Burke travels alone, which is quite often.

Federal Economist...

Laird Birde was killed on day 300 of Aberdeen's history. He was supposedly murdered by Dan Whitts, who was the vice Federal Economist. Whitts was contacted by the mob and started working as a hitman in the middle of his government career. As of now Bentay has no Federal Economist, elections are scheduled for Aberdeen's main election month, August.

Supreme General John Rickson

John Walker Rickson has had a long history in military, serving 28 years of his life in the Armed Forces. He has served in 2 wars in his life, gaining several medals including 2 Purple Hearts, 5 Gold Stars, 2 Silver Stars, 8 Bronze Stars, 3 Platinum Crosses, 1 Extenguished Service medal, and many, many more. He is considered the most dangerous man in Bentay at the age of 46, since he has had so much combat training.

Elder Council

The Elder Council operates unknown to the general public of Bentay, and maintains control when Bentay is in emergency states. The council makeup is of such, and political views: Keanu Nuvara-Close-minded 2nd in Command, Council leader Uriel Eveasi-Enviormentalist Ethan Gannon-War-monger Rieth Riolas-Left wing peace lover Mark Griffin-Republican war-monger Roger Traven-Former soldier, left wing Ilien Danyew-Alleged highlander, unknown views Jacob O'rielly-unknown views Scott Rey-Welsh-Republican former priest Teddy Eanyia-Peace-lover Jen Treyarn-War-monger Dillon McOrya-Unknown views Elizabeth Theo-Playn-Peace-lover Nathaniel Burke (away)-Left-wing Prime Minister


Bentay is technically a rogue state. It was the confederate side in the Civil War of Barraccuda. After Letzter Krieg, or the Civil War of Barraccuda, Bentay exported what goods and people they had left to Aberdeen. After founding Horeev, Bentay in the middle of the nation plot alotted to them, Bentay thrived as a weapons superpower, however their army was considerably small. On day 309 Bentay had a massive jump of troops, following a nationwide recruitment campaign.

Letzter Krieg

Bentay is, as I said, a confederate state of the former nation of Barraccuda (intentional misspelling). This, however, means that at least some of Bentay's population has come from Barraccuda, so we must go through some history on that nation. Barraccuda was founded by Jordan Rahjem in 951 CE. The national language was German, but some people spoke Treccon and English. It began prosporing as a dictatorship nation through the years, but Barraccuda was divided. There were two united sectors, Gebirgsland, meaning Mountian land, and Senke der Könige, meaning Valley of Kings. Gebirgsland was north of Senke der Könige, dividing Barraccuda in the middle. Around Day 267 trouble began to arise in Barraccuda, and several people in Senke der Könige wanted a civil war due to Barraccuda's failing economy and main power to the rich. Eventually, on day 281, Senke der Könige began attacks on Gebirgsland. These attacks turned into a brutal civil war, known in Barraccuda as Letzter Krieg. Gebirgsland, now Bentay, was badly beaten after Barraccuda's forces had taken most of their cities, but the enemies overconsidered the power of the SK-4 Superjet. They packed about 95% of their forces onto these jets and moved them all towards Bentay's capital. However, the difference between the SK-4 and the SK-5 superjets was that the SK-4 lacked point defense lazers, therefore having no effective Anti-Missile countermeasures fired from ground. Bentay's Patriot missile systems fired away and destroyed all the planes. Barraccuda's forces surrendered and Bentay had won their fight for freedom.

"Don't Let Your Guard Down" campaign

The Don't Let Your Guard Down campaign was a nationwide troop drive, an effort to get many, many more men to enlist in Bentay's armed forces. The result was a massive turnout and Bentay has been affected because of it. Bentay's military shifted it's actions from a guerilla force to a conventional tactic juggernaut. The campaign's signature poster showed a man sleeping in a bed while a burgaler sneaks in from a window behind him. Below it the caption sports a large, wide DON'T LET YOUR GUARD DOWN sign. The campaign was enacted due to the murder of Laird Birde, Federal Economist.

Great Aberdonian War

The Great Aberdonian War is a war currently being waged in Aberdeen. Bentay's involvement included short handed military operations in occupied Hekloslogravia. The military was then pulled out to defend Horeev, Bentay's capital, against Moravian defenders. Moravian forces wiped out the city, then invaded the rest of the country, forcing a surrender. After Bentay's surrender, the Governing Scrolls were taken, and defense of Bentay fell into local militias, and government went into the hands of the Elder Council.

Governing Scrolls

The Governing Scrolls are supposedly enchanted documents that grant power to the Prime Minister, and basically establishes government in Bentay. They were taken by Moravian war parties in November 06. Without the scrolls, Bentay is governed by the Elder Council.

UKTGM Incursion

Former Prime Minister Burke is currently leading an expedition into the UKTGM to attempt to retrieve the Governing Scrolls. The expedition is upheld by Hekloslogravia, who is providing provisions and transportation. Foreign nationals from Sayt, DBL, Hekloslogravia, and Aioran are aiding the party.


YES finally! I spent a long time studying EVERY aspect of my military and here it is. Bentay's armed forces use mainly weapons from Russian and Middle-east design, circa 1950's to 1990's. Military emphasis has shifted recently from sniper and guerilla tactics to conventional military methods. This is believed to have been caused by the military unit jump.


300000 men, which includes: 90000 snipers 50000 machine gunners 100000 vehicle crew 150000 general service infantry Vehicles are at a literally endless supply due to Bentay's arms market. Whenever one is destroyed it is quickly replaced. Here are all of the weapons that the army uses: AK74 is the main assault rifle used by infantry. RPK is the light machine gun used by gunners. PKM is the heavy machine gun used by gunners on foot and tanks. 357 Magnum is the pistol used by all military units. SVD sniper rifle used by snipers. PP90 sub-machine gun used by medics and tank crewmen. Tavor TAR 21 assault rifle used by marines. SA80 assault rifle used by paratroopers. Jeep CJ-5 light vehicle for transport. SdKfz 251 halftrack used for transport. Leapord tank main battle tank. BGM-71 TOW anti tank missile. HMMWV hummer used for transport and light attack tactics. HIMARS rocket artillery used for... well anything that needs blowing up. M-198 heavy artillery used for the same thing.


There is a... a lesser known division of the army. The ECTF (Extreme Case Tactical Force) is the special forces of Bentay. They operate under complete secrecy. Due to this, they aren't civilians so they aren't counted in the military or civilian census. Since they aren't on census records, their amount of men are classified. They mainly use modified Black Hawk helicoptors to get around, and carry Galil rifles. They also carry PPK pistols and V40 grenades. As in the title, they are only used in extreme cases, when the need arises. So far the ECTF has been deployed once, as part of a training mission to supress a small terrorist group outside of Sparr, in a small town called Daga. The battle was classified as the Daga Initiative, and only trace documents can be found on the battle.


The Navy is made up of 250000 crewmen and 12 battleships, 19 destroyers, 31 submarines, 8 cruisers, and 4 aircraft carriers. Here is a breakdown of the classes: Battleships: Dunkerque class battleships are used for battleship purposes. Cruisers: Edinburgh class cruisers, for fast attack. Destroyers: Sovremenny class destroyers are used for destroyer purposes. Aircraft carriers: Invincible class aircraft carriers are used for carrying aircraft and LCI's. Submarines: Yankee-I class submarines are used for submarine purposes. Ground to sea missiles: Penguin missile.

Battleship names

The names of the 12 battleships are BNF Ascension, BNF Redemption, BNF Tippmann, BNF Vengeance, BNF Remo, BNF Horeev, BNF Sparr, BNF Gebirgsland, BNF Senke der Könige, BNF Emerson, BNF Rickson.

BNF Newport

The BNF Newport is the flagship of the Bentay Naval Force. It is a modified Dunkerque battleship, except it is rigged with dual-cannons, meaning that most cannons have two barrels that can fire simultaneously. The Newport also has a primed engine, so it can move faster than other ships. It was the first commisioned ship in the BNF and was used to bring about 50% of the population of Senke der Könige to Bentay. The Newport's motto is Feinde zu den Tiefen, translating to enemies to the depths.

Cruiser names

There are three groups of cruisers, the Ascalon group, with 3 ships, the Achilles group, with 3 ships, and the Argonaut group, with 2 ships.

Destroyer names

The names of the destroyer ships are classified by group. There are 4 groups, the Barracuda group, with 5 ships, the Hammerhead group, with 4 ships, the Great White group, with 5 ships, and the Octopus group, with 5 ships.

Submarine names

Submarines are grouped into 3 groups, named after Greek Titan gods. The Oceanus group has 11 subs, the Atlas group has 10 subs, and the Prometheus group has 10 subs.

Aircraft carrier names

The 4 aircraft carriers are named BNF Pillar of Jupiter, BNF Iron Gator, BNF Vector Prime, and BNF Judgement.

Air Force

The Air Force is made up of 50000 pilots and crewmen. Here are all the aircraft they employ: Eurofighter Typhoon is the main fighter jet of Bentay's Air force. A-10 Thunderbold II is the strategic attack bomber used. B-47 Stratojet is the heavy bomber used, old but effective! Patriot missiles are used to take out aircraft. MI26 is the transport helicoptor mainly used. Apache helicopters are used for attack purposes. SA80 is the assault rifle used by the Paratroopers. And, the SK-5. It is a plane that has two Boeing 767's joined at the middle by a hall. It can be used for transport or bombing. It has VTOL capabilities so it can land anywhere. It also has point defense lazers as countermeasures.


The Marines has 100000 general servicemen. They use the Tavor TAR 21 assault rifle as their main weapon, and travel in LCI's for landing craft. They use LCAC hovercraft for transport needs. They are a very basic unit, but they're very effective.


Each official township of Bentay is required to have a militia of at least 30 able members. The militias are only used in case of a national emergency, such as invasion, defeat, natural disasters, and loss of the Governing Scrolls. In November 2006, militias were first used after the Governing Scrolls were taken by Moravia. The militias stood strong and defended against rogues.


Bentay's economy is a very stable one. It relies mostly on gambling and arms manufacturing, and imports very little. The average family is upper middle class, with an income of over 40,000 UNAD's per year.

Bentay Exports Firm

The B.E.F. is a storefront in Aberdeen where Bentay sells many army supplies. It is the largest arms manufacturer in Aberdeen and is extremely profitable.

Other Factions

Leech (LFoG)

The Leech, or Leech Faction of Ordered Government, is an oppressive party against Bentay, and generally occupies the SE part of Bentay. They have not taken serious hostile action as yet. They remain resistance from Barracudda. They are sworn enemies of the Dayn Highlanders. Their style of fighting is heavy weapons and armor.


The Highlanders, or Daynians, are descendants of a TF Sniper division. The TF, a superpower at it's time, gave way from political breaks to several nations, including Barracudda. The men and women that they found stayed a small colony until Letzter Krieg. Once all of Bentay had left Barracudda, the Highlanders departed for Aberdeen as well. There was no record of any Highlanders on the passage to Aberdeen, and it is unknown how they reached the continent. They now occupy the Dayn Highlands, in the SW of Bentay. They aren't recognized by Bentay, and operate in a seperate colony. Only few outsiders have seen their colony, fewer have lived to tell about it, and none can get accurate GPS measurements on it's location. They are enemies of the LFoG, and are known to aid Bentay in battles across Aberdeen by measures of covert operations, as they are snipers.


Here are the plot of events in Bentay's history.

  • Day 292-Bentay moves to Aberdeen after Baraccudda Civil War
  • Day 300-Lairde Birde, Federal Economist, is killed in his home.
  • Day 303-Naval Battle of Apache Beach
  • Day 306-Don't Let Your Guard Down recruitment campain is enacted.
  • Day 336-Naval war games between Bentay and Hekloslogravia in Apache Beach

Garestion Pact

After the Hekloslogravia-Bentay War Games, a pact was formed between Bentay, Hekloslogravia, and the Holy Leviathan. It is lead by a chairman elected each month by the 3 nations. The current chairman is John Rickson, Supreme General of the Bentay Army.

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