Bilyarsk Heavy Cruiser Sub

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Bilyarsk Heavy Cruiser Sub (click to enlarge).


The Bilyarsk is a new design making use of several hydroform design breakthroughs. It is designed to be one of ANA's heaviest hitters, forming the backbone of most major fleets.


Length: 303.5 meters
Width: 108.3 meters
Height : 64 meters
Weight : 42200 tons

Speed: 34 knots
Range: 25 years reactor Fuel
Max Depth: 2500 meters
Crew: 320


Optical Computer system,
GeoMag positioning system,
AMI-R-Holdup Communications Network
Single Large Damage Control Package (300 Man Emergency Aquatic Habitat, Hull sealant, Emergency supplies),
25 shot AMS-Cap Noisemaker Decoy system,
LIDAR, U.V. Sensor systems
A.S.P. Sensor Packages (x4)
400 tons internal storage.
Hangar for 16 Sub Fighters
Utility Hanger (1 Sub Striker 4 Subfighter)


Two Hilocast Omega Tauroid Fusion Reactors with hydrox proccessor, thrust is provided by 5 MHD turbines in the Hull

Armour :

- 340 mm TPMC


4 Rampant 200mm SC Railguns in turrets
8 ANM-WT-65 Skeval Assault Torpedos
16 ANM-WT-18 Vale Heavy Torpedos
40 Marlin Crise Missiles

Point Defense systems

8 Slasher 40mm SuperCav AC in 4 turrets
120 SUBROC-18 Sea Mantis all aspect Missiles
16 Avator S-Cavitator PDAF-6 Point Defense weapon in 16 mini turret