Blue Owl

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Blue Owl
Bubo Caeli
A typical Blue Owl
Scientific classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Aves
Order Strigiformes
Family Strigidae
Genus Bubo
Species Bubo Caeli
Conservation status

The National Animal of Cookborough

The national Animal of Cookborough is the Blue Owl which is named not for it plumage coloring, but its eye color. They are a protected Species that live on all Five islands of Cookborough and their currently flourishing.

It is legal to keep them as pets since they are very easy to tame and friendly, however the proper licensing is required. Another interesting fact is that they often gifts given by Cookboroughers to diplomats from around the world.

The major part of the diet of the Blue Owls is fish, and they very rarely eat anything else. During the breeding Season they lay only one egg per couple which are monogameous. The Scientific name of the Blue Owl is Bubo Caeli