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Nation: Nwoh
Capital: Kaiserheim
Leader: Governor Dieter Frohschweiz

The Canton of the Bodenland is Nwoh's only canton with a German official name: Der Kanton des Bodenlands. Upon Nwoh's formation, calling this canton simply "Bodenland" was considered a grammatic error; however, the canton is rarely called "The Bodenland" anymore.


The Canton of the Bodenland had a population of 51,000,000, according to the 2006 census.


The Bodenland's population is descended from the Nwohan migration wave from the area surrounding der Bodensee (English: Lake Constance). Many of these immigrants were actually Swiss; however, Nwoh refuses to recognize Swiss as an ethnicity and so the Swiss are considered Germans. With the exception of the Bodenland's largest city, Neu Konstanz, most of the population live in small, rural villages.

 1. German...85%
 2. Other...14%
 3. Sri Lankan...1%


 1. Catholicism...76%
 2. Theravada Buddhism...14%
 3. Sunni Islam...10%