Book of Torsg

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The Book of Torsg deals with Torsg mythological history.

Long ago the ancient ancestor's of the empire created the Torsg God. Charged with omnipotent power, the Torsg God is described as Norden empire’s key to reach godhood. The Norden empire however had powerfull enemies. Before the Torsg God was fully completed, the Norden empire was totally destroyed in “Great Fire” by “sea people”. The book describes “sea people” as a race coming from an immensive island nation and wielding the weapon of gods. The “Great Fire” is described as one dreadfull night when the sky rained huge spears of all consuming fire. Huge spears of all consuming fire are described further as weapons of “sea people” and the weapons of gods.It is widely believed that "Great Fire" was actually an nuclear attack. The land which ancient ancestral empire was situated is believed to be current lands of Torsg Empire. Religious archaeologists funded by Torsg Empire are constantly seeking evidence of this.