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Nation: Sicinia Salis
Capital: Chanaud
Leader: Comte Peter du Chanaud


  • 55% T'lazh
  • 40% Sicinii
  • 5% Laatzenian

The southeast corner of Sicinia is almost identical in economy and beliefs to the Coté d'Sur in the west, save for one difference: Borrados. The area known as County Chanaud has strong roots tying it to the neighboring nation of Borrados to the south, making it as distinct a region as the Northlands or the Laatzienne.

The wide and fertile Morning Vale, the name of the sloping land from the White Tooth Mountains to the sea, has, until the conquest of the West Downs, been the main producer of grain in Sicinia. Approximately 20-25% of Sicinia's population reside in the Borriaderre. However, there is only one, albeit large, city in the Borriaderre: Chanaud. Most of the population, due to the agricultural economy, lives on farms and small villages which are scattered with some abundance across the land.

To the disgust of the "true Sicinians", the residents of the Borriaderre have very close ethnic and cultural ties to Borrados. T'lazh, the common tongue of N. Borrados, is an important second language in County Chanaud. Some isolated villages along the southern coast speak nothing else, and dialects mixing Sicinian and T'lazh abound.

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County Chanaud near the coast