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The Confederate States of
Flag of Bostopia
National motto: Through Conquest, Freedom
National anthem: Song for the Bostopian Patriot (Dixie)
Map of Bostopia [1]
Region United Free Republics
Capital Fort Boston
Largest City Fort Boston
Population In Excess of 7 Billion
Suffrage Males & Females Aged 17+
Official Language(s) Bostopian English
Prime Minister
Single-Party Republic
Alan Sentor
Unification of East & West Isle

ISO Nation Code BSTP
Currency Bostopian Pound (UFBP)
Time Zone BWST +2, BEST +3
• Summer (DST) No DST
Internet TLD .bp
Calling Code +267
National Symbols
 • Sport
 • Animal
 • Fruit
 • Flower

UN Status Non Member
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The Confederate States of Bostopia (French: États confédérés de Bostopie, German: Konföderierte Bostopische Staaten) is a semi-democratic Monarchy in Atlantian Oceania, with a population of over 7 Billion people. Bostopia is comprised of two main islands, East Isle and West Isle, along with it's Empire spanning the Region. Bostopia is known throughout the UFR for being the only country where the fabled 'Geesemonkey' can survive successfully, due to the large open spaces set aside for Geesemonkies.

Bostopia is a twin-cultural country, with Laquarists in the centre-west of East Isle holding onto their cultural background, and language, which is closely related to that of Old English. Overall, however, the Bostopian culture takes precedence over many aspects of life. Bostopians are not open to change, so Bostopia holds it's historic values to heart.


Population: 7bn plus

Nationality: Noun: Bostopian Adjective: Bostopians

Ethnic Groups: Bostopian 97.6% Vladmiristaki 1.4% Other 1%

Religions: Pagan (Fenton) 21%, None/Other 79%

Languages: Bostopian

Official Language: Bostopian


Formal Title: The Empire of the Confederate States of the East & West Isles of Bostopia

Conventional Long Form: The Confederate States of Bostopia

Conventional Short Form: Bostopia

UFR Abbrieviation: BOS

Government Type: Semi-Constitutional Monarchy

Capital: Fort Boston

Administrative Divisions: 15 States - Bassingdale State, Caflin State , Drangmorie State, Fenton State, Fort Boston State, Gattfeld State, Glenrock State, Jaerring State, Kisington State, Mannfield State, Monham State, Mountain Zone State, Reamontry State, Port Flamerty State, Teriff State

Other Divisions: Military Zone in the North-East corner of West Isle

Overseas Bostopian Territories: Outer Bostopia (East & West), Rental Save & The 26 Regions (formerly half of Deweyland) and Adoros

Independence: Bostopia has been independent since it was first settled over 1,500 years ago. Fort Boston was established as a homestead with barracks within 5 years of settlement, becoming the first permanent settlement in Bostopia. Colonisation of West Isle began 1,300 years ago, even though it had been sighted since the beginning of colonisation in the East Isle. However, early settlers believed Mount Bostopia's peak (the only part visable from a distance due to cloud cover) was where their Gods resided, so they dared not step on the land. Laquar was settled by peoples from the south of Bostopia, with some people stating they may be related to the ancestors of Outer Sygonians, perhaps explaining the relationship between Laquaris and other Bostopians.

National Holidays:

Victory Day - 12th February - Celebrating Bostopia's victory over Outer Sygon in the UFR, following the Outer Sygonian Governments self-dissolution and land being ceded to Bostopia & Vladmiristak.

Anniversary Day - 6th March - Celebrating the Anniversary of the marriage of the Emperor and Empress on the 6th of March 2006.

Bostopia Day - 27th June - This National Holiday is the primary celebration in Bostopia, as it marks the day East and West Isle combined to form Bostopia, in 1785.

Coronation Day - 1st July - This marks the Coronation of the current Emperor Boston. The calender weeks which include Bostopia Day and Coronation Day are declared National Holidays, with the nation as good as shutting down, spare sporting events and hospitality, along with key industries.

Settlement Day - 29th December - This is celebrated as the day when Bostopia's first settlers landed on Population Beach, in the year 0CE, searching for a warmer climate.

Constitution: Written - States rights of citizens, the Emperor, parliament, citizenry and punishment for crimes.

Suffrage: 17 years of age; Universal

Head of State: Paul Granworth acting Head of State due to the death of the Emperor and his Heir.

Head of Government: Paul Granworth - Bostopian National Party (BNP)

Political Parties and Leaders: Bostopian National Party (BNP) - Paul Granworth

National Party of Bostopia (NPB) - Matthew Lawson

Political Pressure Groups: Laquari Independence Group, Bostopian Arbad Independence Group, Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament

Regional Organisation Participation: Grand Alliance

Flag Description: Red field with a blue cross, superimposed on a white cross.


Gross Domestic Product: US$69,794,000,008,234.59

Gross Domestic Product Per Capita: B£14,015.58

Unemployment Rate: 2.57%

Currency: Bostopian Pound (B£)

Currency Code: BP

Currency Symbol:


Main Article:Quick Facts On Bostopian Law

Laws in Bostopia are a mix of common sense, and, while preserving traditional values, hold some liberal tendencies.


Military Branches: Bostopian Army (Including Bostopian Special Forces), Bostopian Air Force (Including Bostopian Special Air Force), Bostopian Navy (Including Bostopian Special Boat Forces, Bostopian Marine Corp.)

Military Age: Age 16 - Compulsary Militia (Including 6 months training following completion of educational studies aged 16/17), Aged Under 16 - Compulsary Military Training From Age of 12.

Military Manpower - Availability: Aged 15 to 40 - 3,150,000,000 (2007 est).

Regiments of Note Emperor's Own Regiment

Nuclear Capacity Bostopia has been a nuclear power since the first successful test on the 17th June 1951, in Operation Dosage.

Warheads Active Bostopia has 29,358 warheads active.

Warheads Total Bostopia has in excess of 40,000 total nuclear warheads.

Transnational Issues

Disputes - International Land border between Rental Save & Vladmiristak not entirely mapped out yet - Continued occupation of the Republic of Laquar


Bostopians play many sports, including Football, Rugball, Gridiron, Cricket and Rugby. After Football, the most widely played sport in Bostopia is Rugball, with Rugby following a close third.

Football pitches are widely available in Bostopia, and it is seen as uncommon to not have at least one in even the smallest of villages. Rugby pitches double as Rugball pitches, with Rugball players usually winning, but outside of the big towns, Gridiron posts are rarely found.

Cricket is mainly played in the smaller villages of Bostopia, with regional leagues set-up, leading to knockout 50 over matches between the regional winners to determine a national champion.


East-Isle & Early Bostopian History

The native inhabitants of Bostopia first ventured onto Bostopian soil over 2000 years ago, landing on Population Beach, in what is now the Regional District of Monham, on the 29th of December, 0CE. They sailed from the Arbad Islands, after a massive war which ended in the year 0CE. The inhabitants spread far and wide, and ended up landing on their respective lands.

Some of the settlers headed north, before reaching the high plateau of Fort Boston, on the 20th July 4CE. Later arrivals ventured furthur north and founded Laquar City (5CE) after a long period of nomadship. Trade between Fort Boston and Laquar City was slow, until a proclamation from the Grand Fireward (Leader) of Fort Boston banned any contact with Laquar City in late 5CE. This meant traders now headed to other areas of the country, meeting with other settlers with whom contact had been lost, and helping these "newly discovered" towns prosper much faster than Laquar City. This also provided Bostopians a source of income in cartography, as well as Fort Boston becoming somewhat of a controlling power in trade.

However, it has been passed down that a battle took place only a few years after first settlement, (around mid 6CE) on an area between Glenrock and Bassingdale cities. The reasons for the battle are not known, though religious differences seem most likely, however, recent archaelogical excavations prove a battle did take place around this period, between Fort Bostonians and Laquaris, likely following disputes over the trading ban.

Relations with other cities in Bostopia - at this point, only Caflin and Monham were of note - deteriorated following disputes over trade in the year 323. This lead to 300 years of little trade and development in Bostopia, and often raiding of each cities territories. However in 705, The Grand Fireward of Fort Boston called a meeting with the leaders of Monham and Caflin cities, who united as Bostopia in the same year. The name Bostopia came from the name of Fort Boston, which was and still is the largest and most powerful city in Bostopia. The name of Fort Boston itself is taken from the surname of the leader of the non-religious tribe.

As Laquar was still a very religious colony, and they believed that their gods lived on Mount Bostopia (visable from the coast of Laquar), they daren't venture onto the coast of Bostopia's now West Isle, paving the way for Bostopians to travel there.

Glenrock was founded by colonists as a staging post for travel to the West Isle in 1484, after trade had been firmly established.

Bassingdale started as a small settlement used by traders headed for Drangmorie (1494) and Kisington (1496), before being admitted into Bostopia as a city and Regional District in 1505.

West Isle History

In the early 1000's, colonists from Fort Boston, seeking political freedom, started the travel West. There was a run-in with the Laquaris, who still believed the West Isle should be treated as holy ground, and a battle commenced. After crossing the Bostopian Channel, they landed somewhere near where the current Union Bridge stands in the year 1476.

After a furthur travel west, the town of Flamerty was founded in 1480, later having a Port developed in 1484, to furthur trade, which became to be known as Port Flamerty. After a period of setting in and relative prosperity, some settlers then spread north, with the foothills of Mount Bostopia settled in 1543, and Reamontry being founded in 1547.

As the West Isle of Bostopia was often invaded from northern barbarians, the North Coast of West Isle became heavily fortified, paving the way for today's Military Zone, the home of the Bostopian Air Force, Army and Navy (though Port Flamerty still boosts a large naval colony).

In the mid 1700's, after a period of small skirmishes between Bostopia and West Isle, other countries deduced that both countries were too weak on their own to protect their trade for the whole of the journey. The fact that Bostopian and West Isle ships would often fire on each other when spotted, furthur helped other the other countries in attacking merchant ships travelling to and from their respective Isle, and plundering whatever goods may be on board.

United Bostopian History

After an incident following a Vladmiristaki invasion of Bostopia, near Laquar City in May of 1784 (ancient grudges from the Great Arbad War - the Laquairis furthur damaged their cause for independence at a later date by siding with the Vladmiristakis), where West Isle ships were clearly in the vicinity to halter the invading troops, yet never, prompted first talks between the Bostopian Emperor, Empress Palmer I and the Chairman of West Isle, John Olaf Heldgard.

These talks proved mainly fruitless until an incident in the Bostopian Channel in early 1785, where the Chikoonian navy sailed it's ships into the Bostopian Channel, and began plundering Bostopian and West Isle vessels for their cargo. Things came to a head when the ship carrying Emperor Boston home from a war in the Arbad Islands was seized and held by the Chikoonian navy (During the time Emperor Boston was at war, he handed over the country to his fancy-piece, Miss Palmer of Fort Boston).

Empress Palmer immediately opened a channel with Chairman Heldgard, who agreed to unite the countries as a unified Bostopia, in order to regain it's international status, and to reclaim the seas around the country, along with rescuing Emperor Boston from his Chikoonian captors. The Unification under the Bostopia Act (1785) did however ensure autonomy for each Isle, as well as it's Regional Districts, which from then were to be referred to as states.

The first unified Bostopian military action was a fleet which sailed toward the Chikoonian ships from the ports of Port Flamerty, and Caflin. The action was in order to push Chikoonian ships out of Bostopian waters, and to establish Bostopian naval dominance in that area, so that trade may flow freely. Emperor Boston, meanwhile, had escaped by this point, and managed to return to his flagship, the BS Geesemonkey. The Chikoonian ships had also been pushing into the Bostopian Channel, attacking civilian ships crossing from East to West Isle and vice-versa.

However, due to there being no agreement on the flag of Bostopia, yet alone a naval flag, the ships flew under their old Bostopian or West Isle naval flags. Emperor Boston finally learned of the unification at this point, after demanding that the Geesemonkey fire on those "eternally bothering West Islanders!". Boston had failed to notice the "CSBS" now on the ship, due to his return in the dead of night. History has it that the Chikoonian sailors first laughed at the sight of the two navies, expecting a fierce battle between the two, while they may simply enjoy the show. However, for them, they were dreadfully wrong. The first Bostopian ship to open fire was the Geesemonkey (named after Bostopia's indigenous species). This fire hit one of Chikoo's ships in the side, creating a massive hole, and the ship began to fill with water before sinking.

After a fericious battle, the one remaining Chikoonian warship (carrying Chikoo's head of state) raised the white flag of surrender, but the Bostopian forces let it escape into international waters. However, the Geesemonkey (on Emperor Boston's orders) did fire a shot over the Chikoonian ship to scare it somewhat, and warn it from coming back.

The practice of firing missiles over Chikoo continues to this day, even though Chikoo has now been split between Bostopia (as Outer Bostopia (East)) and Vladmiristak. Bostopia played a large role in deciding the borders, and drew the maps of Chikoo, with the largest part going to herself. Bostopian historians have dismissed any impartiality, claiming Bostopia needed compensation from earlier wars with Chikoo.

Bostopia was formally unified on the 27th of June 1785, with Fort Boston as it's capital, and Emperor Boston at the helm. Chairman Heldgard became Provincial leader of West Isle, and Emperor Boston remained in charge of East Isle, as it was under his juristiction before unification.

Modern Bostopian History

Bostopia stayed relatively neutral during the period from 1785 to 2003, though some-to-all disputes in the United Free Republics were thought to have involved Bostopia in one way or another. Bostopia later wrote the Fort Boston Treaty, which was signed by Bostopia, Milleron and Tetraultstan.

In late 2003, Bostopia fire 10 ICBM's at Vladmiristak. 9 were shot down by the Petrevya system, however, one missile got through and slightly damaged a car park, injuring one security officer. Vladmiristak and Autumno retaliated with a mass invasion of Bostopia, however, this was short lived with a pullout.

The Fort Boston Treaty was later replaced by the Free Isles Defense Treaty, in retaliation for the creation of the Communist Alliance, between Autumno, Deweyland and Vladmiristak.

The creation of the UFR Regional Council, with Bostopia as a founder put an end to all real use of the alliances. Bostopia later pulled out of the Council, due to differences, and invaded Hailstonia along with Boreb. The UFRRC, under the premise of Outer Sygon, then illegally threatened Bostopia with military action if it did not pull out, even though this action was not voted for by the majority of members.

As Bostopia was greatly outnumbered, and, knowing Outer Sygon fought dirty, Bostopia pulled out, but not before installing a scorched earth policy, and destroying most of Hailstonia. Bostopia then founded the UFR Confederate Council with Deweyland, however, this did not gain much backing.

The UFRRC collapsed a short time later, and Bostopia set about with alliances. After a short while, Bostopia pulled out of FIDA, establishing the Grand Alliance with Vladmiristak, Chikoo and Boreb. This Alliance set Bostopia on course to being part of the largest Alliance in the UFR, coming under threat of military invasion or sanctions at any given time.

Bostopia has fought wars for the Arbad Isles, which it now holds half of, and for it's own independence many times. Also, Bostopia has fought two Civil Wars, with the Bostopian Communist Party, under Olaf Heldgard, gaining power, shortly after the first war with Vladmiristak. The Bostopian Monarchy was resumed shortly thereafter.

Bostopia today remains a member of the Grand Alliance with Vladmiristak, despite their differing systems. Dr.Vlad remains a firm favourite of Emperor Boston's among UFR leaders, with Boston himself saying "Behind the evil, Communist exterior, he's probably a softie underneath." Dr.Vlad, meanwhile, sees Boston as a bumbling fool, but one who can be extremely useful in their joint dislike of Outer Sygon's arrogant ways.

Upon Chikoo becoming dissolved, Bostopia took over 6/8ths of it's territory, with Outer Sygon and Vladmiristak claiming the following 2/8ths. This lead to a period of short Bostopian administration, on a peacekeeping mission. More recently, the Outer Sygonian Government dissolved itself, with land being ceded to Bostopia and Vladmiristak.

This took Bostopia's last military rival out of the region, and appears to have forever done away with the threat of armed conflict being waged between the nations remaining. However, Emperor Boston voted not to cut defense spending, as threats had risen from dissidents in the new Bostopian territories.

Conflict With Laquar

On the 9th of August 2007, the Laquar Liberation Front bombed the Bostopia Stadium in central Fort Boston during a football game between East Isle and West Isle. The bomb was designed to knock significant portions of the roof of the stadium down, but due to the stadium's design, only the roof over Section E, F and G collapsed, with most of the roof landing on the upper tier of Section F. This extra weight then caused the upper tier to collapse onto ther lower tier. This caused the deaths of 1,472 people, with nearly 5,000 injured.

The following day, Emperor Boston visited the site, announcing that the remains of the destroyed sections would be taken away and used to build a monument out of those materials solely, and that the area where Section F once stood would be left as a void, with an eternal flame as a permanent memorial. The capacity of the Bostopia stadium would be reduced to 103,499 seats from 110,000 because of this event.

On the 16th of August, the Bostopian Goverment unanimously voted to permanently expel Laquar from the Confederate States of Bostopia, effective from the moment Emperor Boston signed the document. This was done less than two minutes after the vote, with Laquar being expelled at 10:21AM Bostopian Eastern Standard Time. The Sel Appan press declared the Bostopian government as "surrendering to terrorism."

The next day, the Bostopian forces invade the Republic of Laquar, with the Bostopian Air Force almost flattening Laquar City through aerial bombing, with heavy use of daisy cutter bombs. The motorway running to Laquar City from the Bostopian border was used by Bostopian Armoured Corps to maintain a high-speed assault through the country. The motorway was then promptly blocked off to all but military traffic. "Some" deaths were reported by Bostopian Commanders. Oliverry's Marshallington Times reported that "Bostopia does not respect people's right to sovereignty." Emperor Boston laughed off these claims, and merely pointed to the Laquari's lack of respect to Bostopian lives.

Casari, and the Death of an Emperor

Following an uprising in Casari, Bostopia, under Emperor Boston, pledged troops to Premier Winter of Casari. The troops concerned were the Emperor's Own Regiment, made up largely of the survivors of a raid on a Communistm stronghold. The Emperor's Own were critisized as being "reckless", though neither Government showed any concern. The troops have been allegedly involved in the stealing of roadsigns, taking up offensive action against non-existant targets, and joyriding tanks through Casari.

Early on the 18th October, the Emperor and his wife and child were gunned down by suspected Communist dissidents while speaking in Fort Boston. Currently, the Bostopian Government is running the country through decree, with Prime Minister Paul Granworth of the Bostopian National Party acting head of state.

Shortly after this, the Prime Minister stepped down as leader of the BNP, with a leadership contest being held at the BNP's annual conference. This was won by 27 year old Alan Sentor, after suggesting his rivals should pull out following a speech which won the support of most of the conference hall.

In the Prime Minister's first speech to the Isles Parliament, he started the voting action to reunify the National Party of Bostopia back into the Bostopian National Party, a vote which was passed with 100% support of members who were in the House at the time.

However, Sentor's opening period of stability came to a shocking end when a citizen of Daehanjeiguk launched a suicide attack in the middle of a crowd of Casaran anti-war protestors, who had travelled to Fort Boston while Premier Winter had travelled over to meet the Prime Minister. Sentor immediately launched oppressive measures, with all those on tourist visas being asked to leave the country, spare Casaran citizens, who were directed to report to the nearest hospital for routine tests to check for any signs of biological or chemical weapons being used against their person. There are also reports that ethnically-Han persons in Bostopia could be arrested on sight if they are acting suspiciously.

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