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Flag of Boudra-Boudra
Motto: "One for all, all for Boudra-Boudra!"
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Region Smokey Island
Capital Boudra-Boudra-City
Official Language(s) English, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, German, Latvian and Fklaazj
Leader Sir Pelotas the brave, the first
Population Several Hundred Million
Currency Joenoojoevauntoe 
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Short Introduction

When the former nation of Sjwitz collapsed, some people went their own way and simply moved to another nation, but most stuck together and formed a new nation: Boudra-Boudra. As a result the Boudra-Boudra yearcount is based on the time of the reconstruction, the year is noted in years after Sjwitz, written AS.

Boudra-Boudra is a bright, young nation of hard working people. Being a relatively new nation, Boudra-Boudra doesn't have a big history. The cultural and historical facts about this small piece of land remain somewhat hidden, mainly caused by the fact that the stubborn people of Boudra-Boudra refuse to think about the past, most of them never think about the same thing twice, it's just on towards the future.

This weird ability causes the Boudra-Boudra people to create great "visionary", which shows in the fact that most of them are always prepared for all kinds of possible disasters.

From being born on, people in Boudra-Boudra are taught to study, work or train hard for what they want to do or become. The negative side of this is that there are a lot of people who are only good at one thing because they specialised in it for so long, the positive thing is: Boudra-Boudra has a great amount of highly educated people - in one subject - , a great deal of businessmen and most of all, a huge amount of athletes, in all kinds of sports. This extreme amount of athletes is also caused by the fact that the Boudra-Boudra are just CRAZY about sports, from cricket to tennis to curling to football. Most popular is the Boudran footballleague, better known as the Virsliga.

Basic Facts

  • Major Towns : Boudra-Boudra-City (Capital City), Higglamu, Mobbilitz, Wolarr-Tsli, Quelzar, Thobbidz, Llanzio, New Salst-Gungen, Kanzi, Trojsno, Bakss and many more.
  • National Animal : The Zjlorg
  • Climate : Boudra-Boudra has a moderate climate, but the central lower regions enjoy very warm summers due to the fact that the central valley is surrounded by mountains which make it hard for the wind to get through. Overall the temperatures can go from -20 to 5 degrees Celsius during the winter up to somewhere between 10 and 20° C in summer. For the central regions the temperatures are in average about 20° higher.
  • Religions : Catholic 44%, Protestant 29%, Buddhist 22%, Other 4%, Unknown 1%
  • National Holiday : 29th of July
  • Main Exports : Sports Equipment, Chemicals, Metals, Beer, Delicatesse Foods.
  • Main Imports : Chemicals, Agricultural Products, Machinery, Exotic Fruits.