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Arms of the House of Bourbon-Comnenus-Palaeologus:

First and Fourth Quarter: quarterly First: Argent, a cross potent d'or. Second: Gules, a double-headed eagle displayed crowned d'or. Third: Azure, three fleurs de lys d'or. Fourth: Argent, a cross gules.

Second and Third Quarters: Gules, a cross between four crosslets or inscribed in an annulet each and between four crosslets each, all or.

The present Pantocratorian dynasty is the House of Bourbon-Comnenus-Palaeologus. The family name of the Imperial Family is Capet, like the Kings of France from whom they are descended. Byzantine emperors are traditionally remembered in the style Constantine XI Palaeologus - by this style, the present Emperor's name is Andreus I Capet.

The House of Bourbon-Comnenus-Palaeologus was created by the union between King Louis XVII of France and Empress Theodora II Comnena. The house of the Empress Theodora II was the House of Comnenus-Palaeologus, created by the union between Empress Irene II Palaeologa and Emperor Constantine XIII Comnenus. Empress Irene II was the descendant of the Emperor Demetrius I Palaeologus, who was the illegitimate son of Demetrius Palaeologus, brother of Constantine XI Palaeologus, the last Byzantine Emperor of Constantinople. Emperor Constantine XIII Comnenus was distantly related to the Comnenoi who had ruled Trabzon after the first fall of Constantinople in 1204 to the Fourth Crusade.

The present Imperial Family therefore is descended from the Emperors of the Romans of both Constantinople and Trabzon, and the Kings of France and Navarre. Emperor Andreus I Capet can trace his ancestry back to the successors of Charlemagne, first Emperor of the West, as well as the Emperors of the East.

For more detailed information about the House of Bourbon-Comnenus-Palaeologus, please see the Genealogy of the House of Bourbon-Comnenus-Palaeologus tracing from the Emperor Constantine XI Palaeologus, the last Roman Emperor of Constantinople.


Basileus Basileon Basileuon Basileonton: The motto is represented by the four Bs on the tetragrammatic cross, an ancient Greek motto meaning king of kings, ruling over rulers.

The House of Bourbon-Comnenus-Palaeologus Today


Note: This tree only shows marriages which have produced children. The tree does not yet show Prince Andreus' marriage to Empress Aurora of Lavenrunz, Princess Anna's marriage to Crown Prince Joseph of Excalbia, or Henri de Montmanuel's marriage to Prince Andreus' former mistress, Henriette. The tree does not trace back further than Constantine XXIII Capet.

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