Braedd Laeryn

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Braedd Laeryn

Braedd Laeryn is also called the Warmonger and the Butcher of Erse, and as such he is hated by millions and villified by more. Though only thirty-three, he is a man who has seen much, and killed many.

Judging by physical appearance, Braedd is a pure Laeryn. At seven feet, two inches and weighing in at just over two hundred and seventy pounds of pure muscle, he is a Laeryn one would not like to disagree with. Some might expect his face to be twisted and evil-looking, but Braedd is the most handsome of his family, with long auburn hair and eyes a deep, thoughtful brown. He usually wears a stubbly goatee, and his hair is either flowing free or in a loose ponytail.

He recieved very little training in anything aside from the art of warfare; he admits readily that he cannot read. He does, however, possess a keen tactical mind. One of his greatest flaws, though, is his insufferable pride and fierce and quick temper. His anger flares hot, ready, and unpredictably. He is not safe to be around, all the time, and even his wife, Blodeuwedd, fears him, for in a passion he will love her and then hate her and she bears many bruises.

He is, in addition to his other vices, very lusty and prone to unfaithfulness. He is a man consumed by his lower instincts. Just how much human is there in Braedd?