Brega and Mide

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Brega and Mide
Flag of Brega and Mide
Motto: The People's Salmon Leaps Over All Obstacles!'
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Region Ireland
Capital Tara
Official Language(s) English/Irish
Leader Marcas MacCaoimhín
Population 2.32 billion
Currency cow 
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The Federated Soviet Republics Of Brega and Mide is a Soviet Union in the region of Ireland made up of two Soviet workers' republics. FSRBM's capital city Tara is famous for its solid gold urinals in public toilets which were introduced after gold as a medium of exchange was made obsolete by the glorious revolution of 1899.


The landscape of Brega and Mide is dominated by the famous river Boyne which runs from the great red bog in the south to its estuary near the city of Knowth in the north. Between the southern bog and the rolling hills of the north lies a great fertile central plain which is host to a number of highly efficient collective farms. Some belive that Brega's central plain is the most fertile land in the world. The Midean west of FSRBM is host to some beautiful lakes and forests. The Bregan coast in the east (often known as the brown coast because of the sand) has three main resorts, Mick Gorman's Town, 2.54CM and Beattagh. These resorts are probably most famous for their Prostibots - Androids, both male and female who can fulfill the sexual fantasies of even the most warped mind. Tara itself sits on a great hill at a break in the plains. From the shimmering towers of the capital you can see far beyond the borders of B&M. Apart from Tara and Knowth, the main cities are Ceananas, Howth, Na Ceallaigh, Cruachain ( the capital of Mide) and Ford Na Abhainn.


Ancient Brega

The pre-history of Brega is shrouded in Myth. It is said that Ancient kings like Nuada and Bres oversaw a golden age of plenty and Bregan trading vessels travelled the length and breath of the known world trading agricultural produce for gold and other goods. A parchment found buried in one of the southern bogs refers to sailors bringing back "exotic carpet" though historians are divided as to whether this we should take this literally or as a double entendre.

The Formorian Invasion

Myth also tells of the formorian invasion. The Formorians, described in the Chronicles of Brega as "ugly big six fingered freaks from west of the great Shannon river" over-ran Cruacháin, poured through Mide and took the Bregan army by surprise (as it was the feast of the Solstice and they were all drunk). However the occupation of Tara did not last long because "the inferior intelligence of the inbred Formorians was no match for the cunning men of Brega." Mananan Mac Lír, commander of the Bregan navy convinced the Formorians that their sisters were playing naked beach hurling on Lambay island. Upon hearing this the Formorians made haste for the island in boats provided by Mananan. Unfortunately for them the boats were all damaged in advanced and they perished.