Brutland and Norden and the United Nations

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The United Kingdom of Brutland and Norden is a nation active in the United Nations, except for a brief hiatus. This article is about the Kingdom and the United Nations.


Brutland and Norden had been represented by three different people in the international body.

Bricco di Sint'Brullizio

During Brutland and Norden's early days in the assembly, Foreign Minister (and MP) Bricco di Sin't Brullizio was the country's representative. But as he had too much work, he tried to find someone to replace him.

Cestre l'E. Montòccegliano

Di Sint'Brullizio assigned his Deputy Foreign Minister for the United Nations, Dr. Cestre l'Ecclesini Montòccegliano (MP, Vilònorda Sordosta - Píarmognazzo - Sint'Angelo di l'Ollino) to the UN. However, Montòccegliano, too, had to step down, as it interfered with his legislative work.

Carina Talchimio-Spicolli

The Foreign Ministry (Finisterre d'Alfari Ellena, FAE) wanted an ambassador who would be there full-time. Di Sint'Brullizio elevated Carina Talchimio-Spicolli to the post, being the most experienced member fo the Nord-Brutlandese UN Delegation. She is presently occupying the post of His Majesty's Government's Permanent Representative to the United Nations.

Voting History

Res. No. Title Position
190 Mutual Recognition of Borders ABSTAIN
F Environment Protection Act AGAINST
191 UN Drug Act AGAINST
F Repeal "Fair Sentencing Act" NOT VOTING
F Prohibition of UN Military FOR
192 Sexual Privacy Act FOR
193 Extraordinary Rendition FOR
194 No Ex Post Facto Laws FOR
195 Healthcare Certification FOR
196 Repeal "UN Educational Committee" FOR
F Nuclear Responsibility NOT VOTING
197 Continuity of Government ABSTAIN
198 Emigration Rights AGAINST
199 Repeal "Free Education" FOR
200 Radiological Terrorism AGAINST
201 Repeal "Hydrogen Powered Vehicles" FOR
F Repeal "The Right to Form Unions" FOR
202 Repeal "UN Biological Weapons Ban" FOR
F Climate Refugee Commission AGAINST
203 UN Economics Prize FOR
204 UN Bio Agent Convention FOR
205 Repeal "UN Patent Law" FOR
206 Repeal "Sexual Freedom" NOT VOTING
F Repeal "Mutual Recognition of Borders" NOT VOTING
207 Cultural Heritage in War NOT VOTING
208 Maritime Neutrality Convention NOT VOTING
F Repeal "Metric System" AGAINST
209 Repeal "Banning Whaling" FOR
210 Forest Management FOR
211 Establishment of ICPIN FOR
F UN Funding Act FOR
F International Trade Currency AGAINST
212 Disease Prevention and Control FOR
F For the Benefit of Artists AGAINST
213 Repeal "Protect Historical Sites" FOR
214 Repeal "Right to Form Unions" FOR
215 Unnecessary Animal Cruelty AGAINST
216 Protection of Historical Sites FOR
217 Environmental Science AGAINST
218 UN Labor Relations Act AGAINST
219 Accessible Family Planning AGAINST
220 Repeal "SPCC Regulation Act" FOR
221 Repeal "Individual Self-Determination" FOR
222 Water Quality and Conservation FOR
F Spelling Alphabet and ID Codes FOR
223 Max Barry Day AGAINST
234 Repeal "Common Sense Act II" FOR
235 Repeal "Max Barry Day" FOR
236 Passport Standardisation Act FOR

* F = failed