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The Republic of
Flag of Bubosia
National motto: No pain, No gain
National anthem: Bubosian Pustule
Region Caprecia
Capital Arcara
Largest City Arcara
Population 1 billion
Suffrage 20+
Official Language(s) English
Father Knows Best State
Joshua Wainsworth

Great Drought
Treaty of Joined Tribes
Civil War
Birth of Ches Teney
Establishment of Newport
Newport changes to Redfelt
Bubosia declared a republic

ISO Nation Code BUBO
Currency Bubon (BUBN)
Time Zone +11
• Summer (DST) +12
Calling Code +575
National Symbols
 • Sport
 • Animal
 • Fruit
 • Flower

Paw Paw
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Bubosia is a very large, socially progressive nation. It is home to 1 billion hard-working people who have very good civil rights and are ruled by a mostly-benevolent dictator.

History of Bubosia

Bubosia was the home of several nomadic tribes for several centuries. One tribe, the Kwosa, traveled around its barren landscape looking for food. Around 1459 a terrible drought hit the area the tribe was living in, forcing it to seek water. One evening the tribe noticed an owl, rare at the time, glowing in the sunset. The leader of the tribe, Arcas, ordered them to follow the owl. The tribe traveled for many hours and eventually led them to a river by the sea. The moment the owl reached the river it collapsed from exhaustion. The tribe decided to settle by the river and build a monument to the owl, and when their leader died they named the settlement after him. Many of the people of Bubosia are still nomadic, however there are many established settlements around the country, and all tribes have sworn allegiance to the descendants of the Kwosa.

About 60 years later Arcara became visited by foreigners more and more often. But no ships would dock there as there was no suitable port. A group of villagers scoured the near-by coast for a suitable spot. Some settled at Jamar Point above Teka Inlet, founding the town of Jamar. The others eventually found a natural inlet which they originally named Newport. This sole port was called this until about 29 years later, when a cargo ship, the 'Redfelt' blew into its bay. Many survivors were rescued and most were returned to their homeland, which granted the port with many luxurious gifts. In return the port council named the port after the ship.

Civil War

During the early days of Arcara many tribes joined with the Kwosa with the Treaty of Joined Tribes in 1462. However many tribes were against their beliefs and would not join. This led to a civil war in which the Settled, whose leader was Bubon Nueld, and the Anti-Settled (the other tribes who were against Arcara) fought. The battle lasted for seven years, finally the Settled won and banished the Anti-Settled from their land. Bubon declared that all the land that the people had once roamed would become a nation. Bubon became the first King of Bubosia and is on the reverse of all its coins today.

Ches Teney

  • Born 4 November 1507

Death of Royal family

During a summer trip, the boat containing the royal family was caught in a storm. It capsized and all perished. This was a national tragedy and the entire nation grieved for months. Since there was no one eligible for the throne, the Kings highest lord (Lord Hiras Jeda of Juhill) took control of the nation, declaring it a republic. Since then elections are held to elect a leader. The current president is Joshua Wainsworth, with William Marsell as the vice president.


Bubosia has many gods. This is mainly because of the gods the original tribes had. However today Bubosia's main religion is Catholicism.

Historic People

  • Arcas
  • Ches Teney
  • King Bubon Nueld
  • King Opa Nueld
  • Lord Hiras Jeda
  • President William Marsell


"Arise ye children of the Kwosa, The day of the swelling has arrived!
We must take it with pride, it is our destiny.
To swell to the size of Ches Teney.

We pray to out gods, so many of them.
That we shall remain free.
For darkness is corrupt.
And corrupt we shall not be.

We will rise from the ashes.
And take the world with might.
To this we shall work with our daily plight."



  • Arcara (capital)
  • Bubon (Government center)


  • Jamar
  • Juhill


  • Port Redfelt
  • Keta (river port)


  • Bubon International Airport

Coastal Features

  • Cunlinga Peninsula
  • Teka Inlet

Mountain Features

  • Roveeran Mts


  • River Amur
  • Roveeran River