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Nation: Errinundera
Province: Plateau
District: Upper Cann
Function: Farming
Population: Remote

Buldah is a small farming village in the Upper Cann district of the Plateau province in Errinundera. Lying below and to the east of the Errinundera Plateau it is situated on a flood plain north of the Cann River surrounded by the slopes of that river's catchment area. Unlike other areas of the province there has been some clearing of the lower slopes, terraces and floodplain. Buldah supplies food to the ever-voracious First Creek Falls.

The forest here is predominantly dry sclerophyll forest with silvertop, narrow-leaved peppermint, white stringybark, yellow stringybark and other stringybarks depending on moisture, aspect and position. Some gums such as mountain grey gum and manna gum occur in damper areas. The understorey consists of shrubs and herbs. Unusually for the province the villagers do not live in trees nor do they have a sacred tree.

The village was established by European settlers in the mid 19th century and so, also unusually for the province, they are not of Oo descent. Nevertheless they have adopted the Oo customs of vegetarianism, environmentalism, pacifism and communitarianism.