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The Bureaucratic States 1st Division is the premier footballing league within the Bureaucratic States of Oglethorpia. It is comprised of twelve Oglethorpian clubs, whom annually compete for the 1st Division Championship (since X972).

The Bureaucratic States 1st Division predated the existance of the Oglethorpian Association of Football by 12 years under the Oglethorpian Nationwide Football Authority -- when Oglethorpia decided to take part in World Cup 4 its duties were assumed by the modern OAF. It was in X904 that the league incorporated many of its modern features.

Brief history

The Bureaucratic States 1st Division's inception came with that of the Nationwide Football Authority in X888 by Parliament in the Unifying Football Act of the same year, noting the growing popularity of football. It called for the creation of five clubs representing their respective townships, all simply named by city followed by an "F.C." tagging.

It was not until a promising preformance in World Cup 4 under the newly formed OAF decided to expand the existing football league. This formalized the competition for a league championship, expanded the league to twelve teams and established a formal selection process for the national squad.

The years of X953-X972 saw a lapse in both Oglethorpian World Cup participation and domestic league play. X953 marked the final season following the last Oglethorpian cup (17) participated in until World Cup 22 which ushered back in domestic play, readily accepted again by the public and arguably more popular.


The modern clubs of the Bureaucratic States 1st Division are from the five major metropolitan areas of Oglethorpia. Thus, they are broken down from where they originate.

Megalopolis City

The following clubs are from Megalopolis City;


The following clubs are from Allergiers;


The following clubs are from Polyesterhampton;


The following clubs are from Sheffingham;

  • Sheffingham Rovers
  • Sheffingham United


The following clubs are from Steerford;

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