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The ancient city of Burung-yang-membuat-dunia (Tetemelayu for the Bird that Created the World) has existed longer than any history book in Tanah Burung can say. BYMD, as it is known, perches on its mountain, overgrown with trees and vines, sloppily staring down at the sea and the new city below.

The old walled city is dominated by the vast old temple of the Creator Bird, untouched outside, but inside containing a Portuguese-era church. Next to it, the white walls of the mother Cathedral of the whole country, engraved with the plain words: "Mari Diharapkan." Come, and be Healed, or Come, and be Given Hope: the interpretors differ on which translation to use. The hill is honey-combed with ancient catacombs which hid the indigenous nature-worshippers from Catholic and Muslim conquerors over the centuries.

The new city is an active port and enjoys maglev connections to Ukun Rasikan to the north and Oglethorpia to the south.