Butterfly Lovers

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"Butterfly Lovers" is Ethan Smith's most widely known folk song, and one that has been popularly suggested as a potential national anthem. It was first used as an instrumental to a play of the same name, so there are no lyrics, although most Ethan Smithians know the tune by heart. The butterfly is also one of Ethan Smith's national symbols.

The song poetically translates into song the ancient story of a girl from a small town who disguises herself as a boy to go study at the nation's top school in Cornith. Along the way to the school, she meets another student on his way to the same school. They realized that they lived near each other and became friends. They studied for years together as their friendship grew. When school was over, they parted to their homes. Secretly, the boy followed the girl home. He finds out that the girl is actually a girl. Although he feels lied to, he loves her so much, he doesn't care. When the girl gets home, she discovers that her parents had arranged a marriage to another man. The girl's friend becomes heartbroken and depressed. He dies soon thereafter. On the day the girl is to marry, she cannot cope with her lover's death, and she goes to his tomb to pay respects. The tomb splits open and she falls in. Then, two butterflies emerge from the tomb and flutter away.