Cadri Heuliau

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Cadri Heuliau
Mael of Gwylptir

Cadri Heuliau is the reigning Mael(Prince) of Gwylptir, Northern Shessara.

With long raven-dark hair, piercing dark eyes, a lean, aristocratic face and a tall, limber build, in addition to his wit, knowledge, and political skills, Cadri is everyone's ideal of the perfect aristocrat.

Born in the fortress-keep of Craidd Tir, Cadri was raised by his grandfather Saeth, Pennaeth of his clan. Saeth realized, correctly, that the Rhyfel was gone and not likely to come again. While Cadri had the usual arms training, he was mainly given the finest teachers of philosophy and wisdom, of art and mathematics. Whereas his distant cousin Braedd Laeryn can barely read, Cadri can recite epic poems and divide hundred-digit numbers in his head. This blazing intelligence soon turned to politics, and Cadri became a rising star in the High Prince's court. With the full favor of the then-prince, Haerlan, Cadri became not only Haerlan's favorite ambassador and assistant, but a close friend and confidant to his son, Cyridd, as they were of a similar age (Cadri is two months older). When Haerlan was assassinated, Cadri and Cyridd waged war on the corporations together.

Only recently, with the increasing division between the great rulers of Shessara, has Cadri turned his attention to his own domain, though he has held the title of Prince for ten years and Pennaeth for fifteen, Saeth having died when Cadri was ten and leaving a Regent until Cadri reached the more developed age of fifteen, the 'coming of manhood' age in Shessara. The title of Pennaeth, being mainly ceremonial except for certain archaic customs, he received at that young age.