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cafundeu.jpg 90px-Bras%C3%A3o_Ara%C3%A7atuba.jpg
Flag Emblem
Motto: "Na minha mão é mais barato!"(English: "In my hand it's cheaper!")
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Region Blue and Gold Alliance
Capital Cafundó do Juta
Official Language(s) Portuguese and Cafundelês
Leader Emperor Hector Van Tocco
Population 1.045 billion(9/12/06)
Currency Vintém(V$) 
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The Monopoly of Cafundéu is a country where its leaders want to get money at any price. Its government is composed of the Emperor and many counselors, one for each subject. The two most famous are the counselor-minister of finances Asano Pender and the counselor-minister of sports Samuel Makas.

Cafundéu(or Cafundeu) is a huge country, so it's divided in States. There are 8 states, and they're divided in small regions. There are more than 80 small regions in the country. Each state is controlled by a governor. They can do many things that they want, but they're controlled by the Emperor and by the counselors, although many of the counselor are governors.

The people in Cafundéu enjoy a life with many eletronic products and tecnology, but if they want good education or healthcare they need to go after private companies. The country also has a well-prepared army and police force, that already participated in many conflicts in the region and inside the country, as in the Rebellion of Jaçanã.

Cafundéu is part of the Blue and Gold Alliance.

List of States

Here you'll see the 8 states and its governors and capitals:

Juta State: Governor: Princess Alicia Van Tocco. Capital: Cafundó do Juta.

Lasft State: Governor: Counselor-Minister of Finances Asano Pender. Capital: Lasft.

Dunboor State: Governor: Counselor-Minister of Education Paul Badder. Capital: Dunboor.

Central State: Governor: Couselor-Minister of Security General Lars Winnear. Capital: Lux.

Espinal State: Governor: Olivier Derrod(Doutor Careca). Capital: Espinal.

Old Cities State: Governor: Cardinal Marcos Lapaz Serset. Capital: Penderia.

Titã State: Governor: Counselor-Minister of International Relationships Ray McKeen. Capital: Astari.

Coast State: Governor: Fabiana Reggolar. Capital: Submiria.

Other places

  • Empire's Palace - in Cafundó do Juta.
  • Estresse Intenso, country that was part of Cafundéu some years ago.
  • The Sports Village in Lasft.


Cafundéu's people love sports. The main sport is the football, followed by the racing and the volleyball. Cafundéu has a good domestic league, called Cafundeu First Division. See also Cafundéu National Football Team.