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Forum: California Regional Boards (members only)
Population: 55 nations
  • 50.333 billion inhabitants
Delegate: The Royal Kingdom of Kamikastan
Founder: The Confederacy of Brokers
Info: NSEconomy RC XML


From the World Factbook Entry:

California is a majestic region, world-renowned for its beautiful landscape and perfect climate. All are free to do as they wish in all respects so long as they do not harm their fellow-Californians.

UN Delegacies

Kamikastan attained delegacy following a brief absence of Pure Thought.

PT has held the delegacy for most of the region's history, and has only on occasion been displaced.

Ayrwll held the delegacy for two days in January 2005 and then left the region to reset endorsements to zero.

Brokers, founder of California, has held the regional delegacy several times for short periods when his endorsements briefly exceeded those of Pure Thought.

UN Referenda

Future Referenda

This space reserved for future referenda in California.

UN Decisions

The delegate's vote in UN Resolutions is cast by popular majority in the region, as posted in the Civil HQ by each member and/or added to this page. Voting turnout is near 15% in the best of times.

===Known UN decisions=== (please complete if possible)


California voted Nay with 3:2.

This resolution was passed with 12,215 to 3,377 on April 2, 2005 (Read Resolution).

FAILED - UN Peace Prize

California voted Aye with 6:2

This proposal was defeated 8,811 votes to 8,063 on Thursday, April 7, 2005.(UN Peace prize (failed)).

#99 - Discrimination Accord

California voted Aye with 4:2.

This resolution was passed with 11,035 to 6,347 on Thursday, April 14, 2005. (Read Resolution)

FAILED - Defining Diplomatic Activity

California voted Aye with 6:3.

This proposal was defeated 7988 votes to 7353 on Monday, May 02, 2005. (Defining Diplomatic Immunity (failed))

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Latest Events


As of Sunday, July 24, 2005, 0046 UTC (Saturday, July 23, 2005, 05:46 PM Pacific Daylight Time)

  • 36 minutes ago: The Federation of Ultron-11 departed this region for Europe
  • 1 day ago: The Republic of Eyster departed this region for The Armed Nations Of Society
  • 1 day ago: The Republic of Kath and Guy arrived from The North Pacific.
  • 2 days ago: The Republic of Eyster arrived from The Pacific.
  • 2 days ago: The Dominion of Kuffara ceased to exist.
  • 3 days ago: The Dictatorship of Mediterria departed this region for British Overseas Territory
  • 3 days ago: The Politically Insane of Sembar ceased to exist.
  • 3 days ago: The Dictatorship of Mediterria arrived from Great Britain and Ireland.
  • 4 days ago: The Federation of Ultron-11 arrived from The Pacific.
  • 6 days ago: The Protectorate of Arishmah departed this region for Christian