Camelot Scorpions

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Camelot Scorpions
Full name: Camelot Scorpions Extreme Soccer Club
Location: Camelot, PopularFreedom
Venue: Oceancove Field
League: Extreme Soccer League
Last Championship: 2006 ESL Championship


The Camelot Scorpions are apart of the Extreme Soccer League and play their games in the city of Camelot, PopularFreedom at Oceancove Field.


You can't hit what you can't catch.


In 1994 the Camelot Scorpions extreme soccer franchise was formed in conjunction with the other five teams of the Extreme Soccer League.

The team since the onset of their existence has been known for their tenacious scoring ability coupled with their speed. The most noteable achievements of the Camelot Scorpions includes:

  • In 2002, after three failed attempts in previous years, the Camelot Scorpions finally won their first ESL championship with a 6-3 victory over the Lenita Wildcats in Lenita, PopularFreedom.
  • In 2005, despite being massively clobbered in the hitting department by the Victory Union Broncos, the Scorpions were able to come away with a victory by a score of 7-3 to earn their second ESL championship.
  • In 2006, the Scorpions repeated as champions. After barely making the playoffs, they upset the heavily favoured Hilvenídica Crazy Goats in the semifinals before defeating the Peace Vultures 2-1 in overtime in the final. The Scorpions were thoroughly outhit in the final though were still able to pull out a victory partly due to defensive lapses by the Vultures who seemed more interested in hitting then actually playing soccer.


  • Coach=Steve Frankson


  • 1=Walter Matthews
  • 15=Derek York (backup)


  • 2=George Saralon
  • 3=Roger Thomas
  • 4=Peter Green
  • 5=Vince Asagil
  • 6=Albert Trecesi
  • 7=Evan Gunter
  • 8=William Cone
  • 9=Harold Ollira (captain)
  • 10=Garth Fosebo
  • 11=Ivan Smithsonville


  • 12=Arnold Davis
  • 13=Bill Douglas
  • 14=Wayne Achini


Oceancove Field