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Capitalizt SLANI
Nickname Capitalizts
Association Capitalizt SLANI
Manager TBD
Most caps unknown
Top scorer unknown
Three-letter code COM
KPB rank 2 (as of World Cup 37)
Highest KPB rank 2 (World Cup 37)
Lowest KPB rank 29 (World Cup 26)
First international
22px-Flag_of_the_Überkapitaliztrepublik.svg.png Commerce Heights 3–4 Pavesia 22px-Unknown_flag.svg.png
(Commerce Heights, Commerce Heights, World Cup 7 qualifying)
First international under Unified Capitalizt States–2_CE).svg/22px-Flag_of_the_Unified_Capitalizt_States_(0–2_CE).svg.png Commerce Heights 2–1 Eauz 22px-Eauz_WC15_flag.png
(Everlund, The Eagles Nest, World Cup 15 semifinal)
First international under Capitalizt SLANI–101_CE).svg/22px-Flag_of_the_Unified_Capitalizt_States_(62–101_CE).svg.png Commerce Heights 0–2 Revolutionarian Island 22px-Unknown_flag.svg.png
(New Seoul, Commerce Heights, World Cup 25 qualifying)
Largest win
22px-Flag_of_the_Unified_Capitalizt_States.svg.png Commerce Heights 7–0 Liechtenistan 22px-Flag_of_Liechtenistan.png
(Commerce Heights, Commerce Heights, World Cup 18 qualifying)
22px-Capitalizt_SLANI_World_Cup_flag.svg.png Capitalizt SLANI 7–0 Stopmenow100 USA.png
(Querzakhi, UCS, Second Summer Olympics)
Worst defeat
22px-Flag_of_Krytenia.jpg Krytenia 8–1 Capitalizt SLANI 22px-Capitalizt_SLANI_World_Cup_flag.svg.png
(Everton City, Krytenia, World Cup 32 qualifying)
World Cup
Appearances 25 (first in World Cup 8)
Best result Winners, World Cup 15
Olympic Games (men)
Appearances 1 (first in Second Summer Olympics)
Best result Winners, Second Summer Olympics
Olympic Games (women)
Appearances 1 (first in Second Summer Olympics)
Best result Group stage, Second Summer Olympics
Atlantian Oceania Cup of Association Football
Appearances 1 (first in AOCAF 19)
Best result First round, AOCAF 19

The Capitalizt SLANI national football team has represented Capitalizt SLANI in international football competitions since 71 CE. It is one of two teams representing the Unified Capitalizt States, the other being 자스연 (Jasīʼyūn). Prior to Capitalizt SLANI taking over the team, it was run by the Commerce Heights Footballing and Soccer Federation. The team is among the oldest continuously active teams, having made its first qualifying attempt in World Cup 7. Though it was successful in winning World Cup 15 and has qualified consistently for many years, it holds the record for the most failures to advance from the first round of the World Cup, reaching the second round only nine times in twenty-seven attempts, and for the largest defeat of any team in the top 50 of the KPB rankings, an 8–1 loss to Krytenia.


The Free-Market Republic of Commerce Heights fielded its first international football team, nicknamed the Bulldogs, in the qualifiers for World Cup 7, under the direction of the Commerce Heights Footballing and Soccer Federation (CHFF). Despite their lack of success in qualifying, Manhattanites developed a strong interest in the team, and a record crowd came to Maxisoft Stadium for the Bulldogs’ first qualifying match of World Cup 8, a 4–1 win over Warnocks Wizards. Commerce Heights also won the return match later in qualifying, due to a controversial goal aided by the downdraft of a PariMedia helicopter providing aerial coverage of the game. With several other quality wins, the Bulldogs finished second in their group, earning World Cup qualification. As World Cup 8 was co-hosted by neighboring Bedistan, the team played its first round matches in the International City, on the border between Commerce Heights and Bedistan. Although they won their first match against One Red Dot, defeats by Giant Zucchini and Timway eliminated the Bulldogs.

After qualifying for World Cup 9, the Bulldogs faced another controversy, when they finished the first round tied with Tanah Burung on points, goal difference, and goals scored, but Tanah Burung were allowed to advance based on their victory over Commerce Heights. The CHFF protested to the World Cup Committee, pointing out that the use of head-to-head results had not previously been used or stated as a method of tiebreaking, but they were ignored.

In World Cup 11, Commerce Heights failed to qualify for the first time since their initial attempt. They finished third in their group due in part to a shocking 4–0 loss to Kingsford, advancing them to a qualification playoff. Inexplicably, the second-seeded Bulldogs were drawn against top seeds Giant Zucchini for the playoff, and managed only a draw and a loss. They were not the only highly-ranked team to miss qualification, as the Bedistan Lions failed to even reach the playoff in their “group of death.” Both teams were subsequently invited to the third Cup of Harmony. Despite hopes that the Bulldogs and Lions would face each other in the final, Bedistan were eliminated in the quarterfinal after a clerical error prevented them from receiving a bye. Commerce Heights defeated both hosts, Spaam and Brazillico, and won the Cup of Harmony with an unbeaten record. After the Cup of Harmony, the Bulldogs and Lions played a friendly in the International City, which resulted in an unexciting 0–0 draw.

Comeptition history

World Cup record

Olympic Games men’s record

Olympic Games women’s record

AOCAF record

Football in the Unified Capitalizt States
National teams: Capitalizt SLANI national football team, Jasīʼyūn national football team
Associations: Capitalizt SLANI, 자스연 (Jasīʼyūn)
Capitalizt SLANI League: International Association Football League/SLANI International League, C4 Champions League, Bluefox Axtra League
자스연 리그 (Jasīʼyūn Ligī): 자본가 췌고 리그 (Jabonga Çwego Ligī), 자본가 높은 리그 (Jabonga Nopʼīn Ligī)
Cups: Aeropag Tribune Cup, Capitalizt Super Cup, 자스연 컵 (Jasīʼyūn Kūb), TakilQuip Cup
Teams: Port Lusambo, Sonoma Center

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