Carina Talchimio-Spicolli

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Carina Talchimio-Spicolli
September 1, 1978
Fericcastria, Imperio, Brutland
Ambassador and Permanent Representative
United Nations
In office since
April 5, 2007

Carina Talchimio-Spicolli (born September 1, 1978) is presently occupies the post of the Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom of Brutland and Norden to the United Nations. She started serving as the Nord-Brutlandese ambassador on April 5, 2007.


Talchimio-Spicolli was born in Fericcastria, grant of Imperio, province of Brutland, to a military family. Her parents are Col. Pierro Talchimio and Brig. Gen. Cassandra Degriano, both of the First (now Second) Airborne Division of the Nord-Brutlandese Army. He is the second of five siblings, of which she is the only female.

Talchimio-Spicolli was educated in the elite Academio Santa Maria (Saint Mary’s Academy) in Brutland City and enrolled in the Royal University of Brutland and Norden for college. She holds a MA degree in Political Science.

Foreign Service

She joined the Nord-Brutlandese Foreign Service under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She was first assigned to the Permanent Mission of the United Kingdom of Brutland and Norden to The South Pacific, the only foreign posting the Kingdom had, under Ambassador Kyle Irvine Lambourne, on December 2006.

She was reassigned to the Permanent Mission of the United Kingdom of Brutland and Norden to the United Nations on January 2, 2007. Before leaving Brutland, she married a childhood friend, the doctor Knut Spicolli. Spicolli went with her to her posting at the United Nations.

Talchimio-Spicolli was second-in-charge of the country’s United Nations mission, under Foreign Minister and Ambassador Bricco di Sint’Brullizio. Di Sint’Brullizio was an acting ambassador for the recently opened Nord-Brutlandese delegation, and it was actually Talchimio-Spicolli who was running the mission.

Ambassador Cestre l’E. Montòccegliano, M.D., replaced di Sint’Brullizio on January 28, 2007. Montòccegliano, who was also an MP in the General Court for the constituency of Vilònordà Sordosta – Píarmognazzo – Sint’Angelo di l’Ollino, was also frequently absent, though he delegated less tasks to Talchimio-Spicolli than di Sint’Brullizio.

Montòccegliano asked for relief on March 4, 2007, and Foreign Minister di Sint’Brullizio elevated Talchimio-Spicolli to the status of Charge d’Affaires.

A rape scandal broke out in the Nord-Brutlandese United Nations Mission on March 28, 2007. Talchimio-Spicolli was in no way involved, and it had been already taken care of by the military attaché of the mission, Capt. Bruno Morcone. On April 5, 2007, Talchimio-Spicolli was elevated to the rank of an Ambassador.