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The Equilibrium State of
Flag of Caseia
National motto: "Emotions Are Weakness"
National anthem: One Winged Angel
Region Lesser Antilles
Capital Samonta
Largest City Samonta
Population 1,889,000,000
Suffrage 18
Official Language(s) English, Latin
Lucas Alatriste (the Lord)
Single-Party Equilibrium State
ISO Nation Code ECAS
Currency Antilles Yent (AYNT)
Time Zone
 • Summer (DST)
GMT -1.00
Internet TLD .co.cas
Calling Code +228
National Symbols
 • Sport
 • Animal
 • Fruit
 • Flower

Siberian tiger
Black Lotus
UN Status non-member
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Caseia is a safe, militarized nation, ruled by a strict regime know as "Equilibrium". The people in their daily lives are generally unoppressed


Equilibrium is a regime where emotions are suppressed (by meens of a drug called Prozium an injected drug that represses all emotions), and artistic expression forbidden. The guardians of order are an elite fighting force of Grammaton Clerics who specialize in the martial arts system and code of the Gun Kata. There is nothing they cannot do to enforce the ideals of their society.

Libria capital building jpg.jpg


Population: About 1,803,000,000

Age Structure

0-14 years: 30.4%

15-64 years: 54.7%

65 years and over: 14.9%

Median Age

Total: 29.1 years

Male: 25.2 years

Female: 35.3 years

Population Growth Rate 0.9%

Birth Rate: 18.14 births/1,000 population

Death Rate: 9.43 deaths/1,000 population

Net Migration Rate: 1 migrant(s)/100,000 population

Life expectancy

total population: 68.32 years

male: 65.87 years

female: 70.48 years

100% Caseia Christianity

60% English
39% Latin
1% Other


The climate is semi-arid in the south, artic in the plateau. Samonta temperatures ranges from 19-23 in January to 26-35 in June.


  • Land: 8,511,954 sq. km
  • Water: 5000 aprox sq. km
  • Total: 8,516,954 sq. km

Area - comparative: About the size of Brazil.

Maritime Claims

  • Territorial sea: 15 NM
  • Contiguous zone: 30 NM
  • Exclusive economic zone: 300 NM

Elevation extremes

  • Lowest Point: Lake Ceara- (-5,000 ft)
  • Highest Point: Mount Saint Alutha– 20,246 m


<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">[[[Image:Forsyth-shield.GIF]] Forsyth-shield.GIF]
The Caseian Nation Coat of Arms

Caseia before world war 3 was as much the same as many other countries of that era. corporations had started to gain in political weight and power the local shops were going going bankcrupt in favor of the supermarkets.

Then all that changed Caseia was devastated by the war almost 70% was bombed to the ground And the local populace blamed the corporations mass riots were being held in the streets of Caseia the people wanted safety and protection.

So the scientists set to work creating a drug that would stop racism,war,and all other forms of haterid this new drug called prozium suppresses all strong emotions, creating a sedate and conformist society.Every citizen in caseia had to take prozium or face the death penalty. during this time the armed forces gained size dramatically and soon nealy 45% of the population was in someway connected to the armed forces.

The elite guards are called grammaton clerics.

The Grammaton Cleric is an order that is very spare They take the shortest distance between two points and they like to optimize their efficiency in any given situation and they did their research and figured the gunkata was the best thing to do ... the gunkata is the focus of the Grammaton Cleric's techniques, but they are clearly versed in other things including swordfighting ... They can pretty much use anything that comes into their sphere of influence, because from birth they're trained in a Cleric monastery to be warriors.


This 1 !!!!!!!.JPG

This is a basic troop in the caseian military usually deployed in mass numbers

Caseian army.JPG The flag that is used by the Caseian Military

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">[[[Image:FCeqbaletough.jpg]] FCeqbaletough.jpg]
A Grammanton Cleric

Gramaton clerics are the elite fighting force of Caseia. They have been trained since birth to up hold the ideology of Equilibrium and to safeguard and protect their great society.


New caseia.JPG

The Caseian Flag is quite simple in its design Its A Black Crusader Flag On Top Of A Crimson And Cream Striped Background

Crimson=royalty Cream=Purity Black=Power

Nation Codes

Nation Codes-ECAS

ISO Nation Codes ECAS
Internet Code .CO.CAS
International Telephone Code 228
Antilles Yent ISO currancy code AYNT
Carplate codes CAS



Ist2 154085 the green pill.jpg

Prozium is the drug that is used to keep emotions at bay there are 4 types of prozium for the 4 different classes each with a different colour.

· RED-is for the Upper classes this only dampens feeling by 10% · BLUE-is for middle classes this dampens feelings by 50% · YELLOW-is for the lower classes this dampens feelings by 90% · GREEN-is for the armed forces this type of Prozium dampens feelings by 100%

Ist2 481784 blue pill or red pill.jpg

Prozium is taken 3 times a day · Morning · Lunchtime · Evening When it is time for the citizens to have their Prozium the loud speakers give off a long beep all around the country then all of the citizens will stop whatever they are doing and either inject their Prozium in their necks or take it in pill form.



Grammaton Monastery


The Grammaton Monastery is the name for the school where all clerics are trained. They have several types of lessons.

· Law and order · Gunkata · P.E. · Equilibrium Politics · History · Sociology · Military training

Pupils first arrive at the Monastery when they are 10 years of age and finally leave when they are 21 to enter service as a fully trained Grammaton clerics.



Mari is the nations largest bank this bank hold all of the nations gold reserves given to Caseia by the United Island Empires the gold is valued by the rise and fall of the Antilles Yent on the global stock market.

Bank vault.jpg



C.M.O. or the Caseian medical organisation is the healthcare service for all citizens and military in Caseia the C.M.O. is funded by the government there is no privet sector but the C.M.O. does accept sums of money as private funding .

The C.M.O. is also known as the white cross (see flag)



Samonta Caseia’s Capital and largest city it houses all 32 of the prozium factorys.7, 465,100 people live in the city which is dived into 3 sections Greater Samonta and Lesser Samonta the suburbs are know as the nether. The building with the Equilibrium Cross is a Prozium Factory.

Propaganda towers


Caseia houses the largest Propaganda Towers in the region of the Lesser Antilles. The loud speakers relay vital information to the public such as terrorist attacks also they are used in daily life playing national songs and promoting a life of equilibrium.



"The gun katas. Through analysis of thousands of recorded gunfights, the Cleric has determined that the geometric distribution of antagonists in any gun battle is a statistically predictable element. The gun kata treats the gun as a total weapon, each fluid position representing a maximum kill zone, inflicting maximum damage on the maximum number of opponents while keeping the defender clear of the statistically traditional trajectories of return fire. By the rote mastery of this art, your firing efficiency will rise by no less than 120%. The difference of a 63% increase to lethal proficiency makes the master of the gun katas an adversary not to be taken lightly." Daniel Wallace - Head Of Caseia's first major Clreic training school.

Gunkata is a close quarters gun-based martial art. It emphasises kata, or body positioning and movement excercises. This is important because each kata of Gunkata is designed for maximum effeciency in both lethal force and defense. It is of course impossible to see an oncoming bullet and dodge it, but an advanced Gunkata practitioner, known as a Grammaton Cleric, can put himself in the least statistically possible place to be hit at each moment of a gun fight. Gunkata is based on a scientific analysis of bullet trajectory and range based on the mathematical possible outcomes of a gunfight.



Cleric Opern War armor

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