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The United Kingdom of Isselmere-Nieland arose from the political union of the kingdoms (the countries: Ang. úlaidh; Nie. ríki) of Isselmere and Nieland in 1563, cementing the personal union of crowns then embodied by Hortense II. The Constitution Act, 1986 devolved certain powers to four semi-autonomous regions (Ang. tíorghéithó; Nie. þjóðir) based on the historic divisions of Isselmere (three; Anguist, Detmere, and Greater Isselmere) and Nieland. The new regions retained the existing twenty-nine provinces (Ang. taleithió; Nie. lönd), as well as the three hundred and forty-nine shires (Ang. síorigh; Nie. fylki) and unitary authorities beneath.

  • Sovereign state
  • Constituent country (2) = úlad = ríki
  • Region (4) = tírgáith = þjóð
  • Province (29) = talaith = land
  • Alderdom (83)
  • Shire (349) = sír = fylki
  • District; municipality; burgh = rándír; peoghtir; baile = sýsla; bæjarfélag; borg
  • Ward = ciútogh = hverfi

The United Kingdom of Isselmere-Nieland is a unitary state comprised of two kingdoms politically unified since 1563, subdivided into two four historical autonomous regions, further divided into twenty-nine provinces at the tertiary level, with three-hundred and forty-nine shires and unitary authorities at the quadrary level. Beneath the shires and unitary authorities are districts.

The United Kingdom of Isselmere-Nieland is sub-divided into four autonomous regions, twenty-nine provinces, and three-hundred and forty-nine alderdoms (i.e. counties). Alderdoms are further sub-divided at the quintary level into bailies (i.e. districts) and burghs or municipalities (i.e. municipal districts).

Larger burghs are often sub-divided into wards. These wards resemble those in Japan moreso than those in either the United Kingdom or the United States. Larger conurbations, such as Daurmont, have become alderdoms in their own right and possess many burghs within their boundaries. Likewise, many districts possess municipalities within them that have not incorporated, or have not the prerequisite characteristics, to become boroughs in their own right.

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