Cathedral Capital

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Cathedral Capital
Headquarters: New State City, Santa Barbara
Nationality: Santa Barbara
Specialty: Finance
Storefront: none

The megacorporation of Cathedral Capital remains a powerful business entity, despite years of half- and mis-management by Heinrid Abadas, who was said to be too busy governing the Corporate Federal Conglomerate before the Board of Directors voted him out and a clear majority of CC's stock was bought up by a Knootian-Sunset stockholder conglomerate.

Inheritors of the company found themselves in possession with a sizeable percentage of assets on Santa Barbaran Noachia, mere weeks before the Tyranids invaded. As well, the foreign investors now held 2.18% of the total TNE vote, giving them leverage within the CoFedCo and introducing the template for future foreign entry into what used to be a purely national-controlled market.

Cathedral Capital currently has no C.E.O, and profits have dropped significantly along with the general stock market turbulence caused by the Tyranid invasion, the Order of the Seraphim military rebellion and other disasters.