Central Acumist Party

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Central Acumist
Leader Aaron Thorne
Chairperson Gregory Beck
Spokesperson Roger Powell
Founded April 20, 2001
Headquarters 24 St. Matthew Rd

Billopec, Billopesha

Political ideology Acumism, Third Way
International affiliation Acumist Union
Website unavaliable

The Central Acumist Party (CAP) is a political party of Billopesha. It was founded in 2001 by Aaron Thorne, who is the party's first and current leader. It is currently the governing party of Billopesha and has been since May 6th 2006, when the CAP won a very successful victory at the 2006 general election. The party is based around the ideology of Acumism which is itself a more radical centrist view or Third Way.