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Ceorana's history of work and decisions in the United Nations is fairly varied. Ceorana joined the United Nations around the beginning of the last quarter of 2005 and has been fairly active ever since.

Voting history

This table shows Ceorana's opinions and votes in the UN since it joined. Several symbols have been used to annotate the list. One dagger indicates that if Ceorana were to cast the vote now, it would be an abstention (in other words, its opinion has changed). Two daggers indicate that Ceorana would have voted the other way if it had cast its vote now. Three daggers indicate that Ceorana did not actually cast a vote for the resolution in question, generally because of the availability of its UN staff, but that is how it would have voted.

Ceorana became delegate of the International Democratic Union on 8 May 2006, so it now votes based on the regional opinion. Resolutions are classified based on what Ceorana's national opinion was, a superscripted "IDU †" indicates that Ceorana abstained from voting based on the region's vote, a superscripted "IDU ††" indicates that Ceorana cast the opposite vote of its national opinion based on the region's vote. In all cases, resolutions are in the column that corresponds with Ceorana's national opinion at the time of the vote.

A legend to colors can be found at the UN Timeline.

Aye Nay
██ Repeal "DVD Region Removal" ██ Repeal "Protection of Dolphins Act"
██ Fossil Fuel Reduction Act †† ██ Repeal "Fossil Fuel Reduction Act" ††
██ Worldwide Media Act ██ Rights of Neutral States
██ Diplomatic Immunity ██ Repeal "Save the Forests of the World"
██ Representation in Taxation ██ Repeal "MANDATORY RECYCLING"
██ Fossil Fuel Reduction Act ██ Repeal "The Law of the Sea" ††
██ Global Food Distribution Act ██ Repeal "Stop dumping - Start Cleaning"
██ IT Education Act ██ Repeal "Gay Rights"
██ UN Small Business Education ██ Anti-Terrorism Act
██ Repeal "UCPL" ██ Repeal "Abortion Rights"
██ Right to Divorce †† ██ Recreational Drug Legalization
██ Forced Banishment Ban †† ██ Abortion Legality Convention
██ Rights of Biological Sapients ██ Remittances and Tiny Deposits
██ Repeal "Right to Divorce" ██ Repeal "Scientific Freedom"
██ Artistic Freedom ██ Repeal "Banning the use of Landmines"
██ Civilian Casualty Records ██ Repeal "Citizen Rule Required"
██ Repeal "The Rights of Labor Unions" ██ Repeal "Stop Privacy Intrusion"
██ Workplace Safety Act ██ Patients Rights Act IDU ††
██ Meteorological Cooperation ██ UN Security Act 1
██ The Right to Form Unions ██ Repeal "Legalize Euthanasia" IDU ††
██ UN Demining Survey ██ RFID in New Weapons
██ Nuclear Non-Proliferation Act ██ Repeal "Ban Single-Hulled Tankers"
██ Auto Free Trade Agreement ██ Repeal "Metric System"
██ Repeal "Hydrogen Powered Vehicles" ██ Hearing Impaired Aid Act
██ Nuclear Energy Research Act ██ Help Prevent Ozone Depletion
██ Waste Disposal Covenant ██ Repeal "Definition of Marriage"
██ UN Patent Law ██ Repeal "Keep the World Disease-Free!"
██ UN Recycling Commission ██ Outlaw Necrophilia
██ Rights of the Disabled ██ Fair Sentencing Act
██ Repeal "Replanting Trees" IDU ††
██ UN Copyright Convention
██ Individual Self-Determination
██ Repeal "The 40 Hour Workweek"
██ Freedom of Scientific Research
██ International Emergency Number
██ UN Counterterrorism Initiative
██ Child Pornography Prohibition
██ Repeal "Sexual Freedom"
██ UN Educational Aid Act
██ Orbital Space Safety Act
██ Individual Working Freedoms
██ Clothing Supply Pact
██ Repeal "Support Hemp Production"
██ Freedom of Assembly
██ Repeal "Establish UNWCC"
██ Marriage Protection Act
██ Chemical Transport Standards
██ Sustainable Agriculture Center
██ Repeal "Sexual Freedom"
██ Repeal "Hearing Impaired Aid Act"


Ceorana is the author of two resolutions:


Ceorana participated in the telegram campaign for the successful submission of the following resolutions:

Organization membership

Ceorana participates in the following UN-related organizations: